So there's this chick I know, who at the best of times is not the most coherent or patient lady, this chick who therefore took her time editing and rewriting a delicate post so that she hopefully would not be misunderstood. Congratulating herself on her great patience, this chick then quite impatiently published her post in a great flurry of motion right before heading away for a short birthday vacation, and then realized a bunch of people actually read and responded thoughtfully to said post. Now this chick is on a little iPad that does not play well with blogger, but she wanted me to tell you she'll be back next week to continue the conversation going on in the comments (and a lovely, civil, thought provoking conversation it is). 

Have a beautiful weekend, and be kind to each other ❤️


  1. ❤️������������

  2. Refers to her previous post and the responses to it.

  3. You're my huckleberry! I read you because you are so colorful, light-hearted and Interesting! I would love to have an actual conversation with you but I don't think I could keep up!

  4. I think you produce one of the best, informative, inspiring and entertaining "sewing blogs" around. It's really about your approach to life; it's very evocative.

    I found you on the sewing blog and learned of your and your husband's careers from it. (I'm a very old white lady, probably on your right, who's got your back.)

    The only humble suggestion I presume to offer would be: (and you likely already doing this) view the blog as part of the overall effort to build your positive media presence; view your blog writings as if they were "business communications" (not censor yourself, only polish the narration with editing. You have said that is not your passion, but perhaps Hubby, a capable close friend or a dedicated assistant could help the effort.)

    I have already commented my opinion that you have "a book: a novel or stories and poems, perhaps" swirling around in your brain. I think you are trying to figure out how to deliver that product. I say to my grown kids all the time: "edit, edit, edit"

    You are a fantastic little Huckleberry---your family must be so proud of you!

  5. Happy Birthday dear daughter! Love you,
    Mom and Dad


i thankya truly for taking the time to comment, i love a good conversation-- and hope you know my thanks are always implied, if not always written!