two amazing ladies: the caracarmina petit frida brooch giveaway & the streamer frock grosgrain giveaway

well peeps, having feeling quite lucky to come through the past few weeks a-ok, i have entered into not one, but TWO giveaways.

you get an extra chance to win if you link to these absolutely fantabulously freaking talented ladies on your bloggity blog. of course i want an extra chance to win, and as a nice bonus the handful of folks who swing by here might click and throw their names in the hat! share the wealth, i always sa--

(a tap on oona's left shoulder:)

evil oona: dude. that means more peeps to compete with. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, GODSAKES.


the images above are the work of caracarmina and grosgrain, respectively. click on the links below the images to visit each giveaway. i hope it's alright to show them to you here, but you just have to see the eye candy to click, ya know? and they go so well together! i am in love with both of them. please go visit to see more awesomeness! 

and ps: be on the lookout for a little giveaway of my own here in a few.

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