burning down the house

at 11:52, i suddenly remembered the fire ritual. i leapt up as best i could after three bottles of wine, and handed out paper and jumbo crayons. a lovely shade of crayola violet magenta was my weapon of choice.  i wasn't sure if our merrily inebriated little band would be on board, but they TORE into it! five of us wrote furiously. one of us even used the backside of the paper. two of us folded our thoughts into paper airplanes. one of us folded a little paper bomb. all of us climbed onto the fire escape at 11:59, and nearly burned down the apartment of our gracious hosts in harlem in a rush to welcome the new year with clean slates.

the best part was blowing the glowing ash off of the windowsill with ruggy.  we made every old worry disappear forever into the night.

welcome 2011!!! i'm so glad you're here!!!


  1. Happy New Year Oona, you're a darling to have here on the old cyberspace! Wishing you a great year ahead!

  2. lovely ritual... (thank God you didn´t burnt the building!) :P

    my best wishes for the oonaballoona family!!!! :D


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