saturday in the park

on tap today: the brooklyn botanical gardens' annual cherry blossom festival.

there was a karate demonstration where a guy flew over four people and broke a board in half with his foot.

tons of superfans dressed head to toe in homemade anime outfits with full body makeup.

and a parasol parade.

but the cherry blossoms stole the show.


  1. Ohhh, these are gorgeous. Flower photos are my favoritest kind! Some day I will get to visit this garden in person - even though for now I stalk their website. They have to be the most magical and yet quiet trees, and alas, do not grow in Texas - although I'll settle for magnolias and plum blossoms ;). Happy spring.

  2. Every once in a while I miss NY.

    Mostly for the Inadvertant Celebrity Spotting, which one of my friends (sad to say) turned into a contact sport.

    We won't go there.

    Lovely cherry blossoms. As mentioned above, they do not grow in Texas. -sigh-

    word verification: "unkle". No. Seriously. That was my word verification. Flippin' "unkle".

  3. OMG!!! I'm speechless. Thanks! A lil overwhelming to take so much beauty at once! Now if we turn the 3rd one into a maxi dress with ruffles... what do you say?:D

  4. Dang you sure can take a picture! SOOOOO PRETTEEEEE!!!

  5. Always love those photo's of pink blossom :)

  6. Stunning. Love the photos. The colours!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful cherries!

    You and Ruggy should go there again on May 1st (today for me) and kiss under a blooming cherry tree. It's a Czech tradition for lovers. I just can't remember what kind of superstition is attached to that... Anyway, you're luckier than the lovers here, because the cherries are not in bloom anymore around here.

  8. beautiful! I love cherry blossoms!!

  9. so pretty!

    our fest was last week- missed it, alas.

  10. *sigh* So jealous. I'm going to be laying around the house, watching it rain, trying to get caught up on some blogs now that Mr. Mac is back from the shop, and entertaining a 4 year old.

  11. These photos are so beautiful! I think spring cherry blossom time is my favorite season. Did you picnic? :)

  12. I had no idea the BBG had a cherry blossom festival, and I lived a short subway ride away! I love the grounds there, especially the turtles :)

  13. well y'all, i mist give credit to the rugster for the close up shot. he put the camera ON the face of the flower. i'm astounded it worked.

    >> debi,
    >> meg &
    >> amy: glad to share some beauty!
    >> amy: they have the coolest greenhouse i've ever seen, full of weird towering trees a la dr seuss.

    >> beangirl: but you must go there. i feel a post in that comment. do tell. (oh, and i take it you understand the meaning of your word verification. cry it, before i put more shoes up).

    >> magda: if anyone could do it, YOU could!

    >> emilykate: imagine what i could do with a camera not held together by duct tape...

    >> julie: i'd love to see a painting of these blossoms by you:)

    >> don: it was unreal.

    >> hana: what a beautiful tradition! we're going to do it before all the blossoms disappear.

    >> beth: sitting... actually, sitting sounds good at the moment...

    >> nette: unfortunately, no. in fact it took five hours before we even had so much as a glass of water... SO not by choice.

    >> amanda: i missed the turtles! i'll check them out next time.

  14. Can I come visit? I need to see some flowers because Chi-Town is oh-so-depressing with the rain and the mud :)

  15. meg the g, come on over! we'll look at flowers and fill up your fabric stash again!


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