there's a mouse in my house

the poetic and WAY-more-colorful-than-me mokosha has bestowed upon me the adorable blog award.  thanks lovely lady!  but as the award itself is black, and well, i like color, i'm showing you this mindblowingly adorable pincushion instead.  mister mouse arrived courtesy of sew weekly's month of giveaways, from etsy seller jerry at lifepieces.  i smile every time i see him.  jerry has many little creatures atop stickable cushions, go see!

1. what inspires you to name your posts?
good question, that.  i like the title to have something to do with the post, natch, but i also like to make it something punchy (a la: suck it beangirl).  it's usually the last thing i do.  as i type right now, this post doesn't have a title.

2. describe yourself in four words.
at the moment: brazen.  skippy.  opinionated.  bratty.  

3. favorite quote:
it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

mull that over.  it's TRUE.  that said, i'm not much on asking for either.  (see: bratty.)

i think i'm supposed to award like 10 blogs.  but mokosha awarded 2, so i'm gonna give myself permission to pass this along to all y'all that wants it!

see how that quote works out for me?  it comes in quite handy.  (the brattiness also helps.)


  1. oona.. it's official
    i love you
    and so does the tequila
    (half bottle of golden sauza
    i just happened to destroy..)

  2. Love the pincushion almost as much as I love how you describe yourself.

    Still mulling that quote!

  3. A little mouse with clogs on? Sorry I couldn't resist, I was singing that song all through reading the post :)

  4. Love the pincushion! I like the words brazen and bratty- I don't know if you are, but you picked good words.

  5. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows you're bratty.

    Well. I knew it, anyway. And that's all that counts.

    (Do people really use these totally adorable pincushions? I have the feeling I could become a serious pincushion collector, but... to what purpose? Other than, obviously, collect pincushions.)

  6. I also write my titles last, so clearly great minds---

    Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

  7. That was my favorite pincushion during the giveaway month, soooo cute! I guess the little daisy that the mouse was holding was just a temporary pin? Definitely mindblowingly adorable!

  8. thanks y'all, for peeping the pincushion and you know, liking my bratty answers about myself...

    >> mokosha: well, you know how i feel about tequila. i love it, and the gal what destroys it, right back.

    >> don: oh, that's an urbandon staple, that quote, i think. it's really a tear it up now ask questions later sort of phrase. i first heard it from my dear friend the astounding carpenter. (not the jesus one.)

    >> amanda: yes, the daisy is a pin as you can place it wherever you want, depending on the degree of cuteness desired. it was my favorite too!

    >> beangirl: where the F have you been.

  9. I heart your face, Oonaballoona... your "brattiness" cracks me up everytime. Congratulations on having a mouse in your house that doesn't steal your food and eat your electric wiring! This mouse seems to be a little lower maintenance than that :)

  10. back from my trip
    and.. though your bat dress is gorgeous
    i choose to comment here
    we actually had a mouse in our house one night
    grandma put those glue traps
    all around the house
    and one poor chap run straight into one of those
    we released him and let him out
    and.. though probably owl ate him right away
    i choose to believe that our little friend
    is out safe and happy
    and probably overdosed on some fermented grains he ate
    speaking on fermented grains
    i had quite a few beers for you :)


i thankya truly for taking the time to comment, i love a good conversation-- and hope you know my thanks are always implied, if not always written!