when sewing


  1. HA-ha. (That was my Nelson impersonation.)

    Girl, seriously you have to send me your email. I really just can't keep up this constant taunting in public. It's so exhausting.

    Wait. What were you making with that floral silk? Huh? HUH? We want to know!

    (word verification is "pledsche"... Um. I could so totally make an unkind comment about saying the Pledge of Allegiance with a speech impediment. But I won't. Some of us aren't unkind.)

  2. ... it looks interesting though... sort of deconstructed hem! Who said it should look neat, anyway?

  3. I'll frame that and put it on the wall;)

  4. Noted. Although, I'm not sure that there's any time frame that would allow me to hem that much silk nicely. Silk scares me.

    Bean girl, I forbid you to take this, ah, discussion offline. WAY too amusing (well, unless you cc me the emails.)

  5. good advice in any context.

    gorgeous fabric. I am also terrified of silk, though.

  6. Amen to that! There should be a cabinet we can lock our seam rippers into before we make bad decisions!

  7. EEP! Note to self: Follow Oona's advice


    >>beangirl: so you are akin to the simpson's bully? NICE. you heard it here, folks. OONABALLOONA AT G TO THE MAIL DOT COM. bring it.

    >>marina: it's way nicer now, trust me. tho i AM a fan of the deconstructed hem, to be sure.

    >>magda: that's not a bad idea...

    >>lorena: i had to write it in an email draft, take a picture of the typeface, and upload it. anal, anal blogger...

    >>tanit-isis: now you KNOW your talented ass should not be afraid of some silk. am i going to have to add you to the taunt list? beangirl, GET HER!

    >>raven : :)))

    >>farah: i once got away with it in cotton. that's what i kept telling myself. finally, i threw my hands up and charged away.

    >>daughter fish: i need a closet to lock MYSELF into when i pull hairbrain moves as such...

    >>debi: never a good idea!!!

    >>jodi: and haha :)))

  9. WOW! A pro seam ripper? Do you need a license (or a degree) to get one of those? Like in primary school we had to write in thick blue pencil until we got our pen license. I want one. A pro seam ripper that is, not a pen license. I have one of those. I'm too scared to even touch silk - well done you for sewing three yards of it on a time limit, regardless of outcome!

  10. amanda: right here, babe!


    they are sharp as SHIT and come with extra blades.

    i think i need to retake my pen license exam, what with the advent of computers ruining any remnants of penmanship i had.


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