taking care of business

always better with cupcake and coffee.  so, our pal beth is nowhere to be found, time for a redo of nikki's book giveaway! i actually started down a rabbithole of clicking on everyone's names to see who might reeeeeaaaalllly want it.  that was dumb.  a lotta people want it.  random number generator, take it away...

lucky number thirteen, liza jane, who said  i love that draped tee dress pattern. i also peeped at her purse patterns. i've always wanted to make a frame purse.  holler at me mama and let's get you making purses!  

i've been on a book kick lately-- read about you sew, girl! here, and patternmaking here.  and have a cupcake while you're at it.


  1. Cupcakes and coffee make everything better!!!

  2. I love the sewing books I have and have enjoyed reading all the reviews that are out in blogland. Collette, Amy Butler Style Stitches, and a pattern making book amongst the few I have. I never seem to do more then sit down and read them. I have Sew Knits with Confidence on it's way to me and maybe I'll actually make a pattern from a book I have bought?! :) That cupcake looks delicious! I need one now!

  3. Now I just want a darned cupcake.

  4. A gluten and dairy free cupcake?? (I know aren't I a pain in the butt)

    Congrats Liza Jane!

    1. gluten free, yes! but dairy like whoah. whole foods, in the refrigerated section....i'm not a gluten free girl, but these are the bomb.

  5. Oh, Oona, I wish you hadn't linked to the Laurence King page because now I've added about forty books to my wishlist.


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