New on the channel: What I Made in August!

New on the channel: What I Made in August!

This is a quickie post, cuz I was up till 3am getting this video up on YouTube. THAT'S a ridiculous sentence, ain't it? Last night, as I edited out yammering, and watched spinning uploading balls, I kept telling myself: we're in ridiculous times, might as well act the part.

Summer is waning, and so is the shelf life for these wax print maxi dresses, so I wanted to get this out today! (At least, the shelf life for their public consumption--I'll be wearing these well into 2021 where, and when, ever possible.) Plus, I've got another very important summer-sew to finish. You'll see.

Here's my August Sewing Output (I have a very hard time calling it "makes," as the youtubers do...) hope you enjoy it, and truly hope you have some happy in this Summer Sunday 💕

I'll be back with still photos later this week, and suggestions on how you can get this look!

Watch What I Made In August: Wax Print. EVERYWHERE here!


  1. That blue and purple print looks so gorgeous on you! Your outfits always cheer me up.

  2. I have been fine during lockdown. I know that the arrival of winter will be what does me in. Bleh.

    I love the dresses! The middle is my fave.

    1. Right? Why does everyone hasten the advance of winter?! We’ll keep each other going with sewing.

  3. That star pattern! I'm dying! It warms my cold, dead heart!


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