20 Sewing Gifts for Under 20 Bucks

20 Sewing Gifts for Under 20 Bucks | oonaballoona by marcy harriell

Now THAT’s the kind of 2020 I can get behind. 

I’m all about the fun in function when it comes to sewing tools. Add to that Rob's penchant for peril, and you come up with two armloads worth of some very intriguing goods in our holiday on-the-cheap video (complete with Rob's Danger Stocking™️ for the sharp bits). There's lots more than pictured here, and you can head over to the channel to see all the bit and bobs. But if your peepers prefer a static read, here's the truncated list on my pink cutting mat:

lint roller with a cover! Pens in fruity colors that disappear with heat. A fan (for fun, but with inspiring results). Make PDF taping time happier with a pink flamingo! Let's get hazardous: three pairs of rainbow-hued medical scissors (the comments have some great suggestions on how to use these, aside from Rob's *aha* moment)...some VERY dangerous cutters that live ON YOUR FINGER....and a buttonhole chisel blade with all the options you need. A wooden seam roller for those times when you're low on patience. You can push the button on this toy iron that lights up and makes sound, and just pretend you're pressing that seam open. (But pressing seams is awesome. Try this actual iron. And this wax chalk that disappears with heat!). Rulers that help you draw fashion! My favorite berry-hued scissors in teal (guess who's picking up another pair this holiday season). Rainbow-hued pattern clips, standard hued chalk and wheel, magical stuff that keeps your knit fabric in line. Quilters have the best tools, like these quilter's rulers, and this neon glow tape for marking just about anything--apparently, we're going to see what it looks like under a blacklight with Tide splattered all over the wall. Rob's suggestion. 

You see why he coined the phrase Danger Stocking.

Watch us fool around with all these tools and more on our YT Channel! 

Wishing you safety outside, if that’s where you must be, and calm inside, if that's where you can be 💗

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  1. I think the bandage scissors would come in very handy for those days when I have pricked my fingers more than is medically recommended ... I'm talking about you, stupid stupid box of pins that spilled itself all over the sewing room floor.

    Merry Chrismask!

    1. CHRISMASK!!!! Genius!!!
      When Rob hears the pin cushion drop, he just lowers his head in acceptance. Sewing is dangerous, yo. Merry merry to you, Lin!


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