Thursday, July 17, 2014

early morning hollering

ETA THE SECOND: guess who really shouldn't write a post at 6:47 AM after a sleepless allergy filled night?  THIS GIRL.  you have a full week to sign up for the amazing carolyn's seminar...if you'd like to know how carolyn uses her TNT patterns to fit fresh-out-of-the-envelope patterns, go sign on the dotted line for her webinar at burdastyle!  it starts at 11am EST today next thursday july 24, but if you can't view the goodies in real time, you'll get a recording of the whole shebang (so long as you've already signed up.)  and only twenty dollas, as angie would say.

and my girls maddie and jennifer are teaching you how to make bras & racerback tanks (respectively) this november in the sewing party, also a virtual treat so everyone can join!  forty smackeroos.

ETA (the first) eeeeeeeeeehhhh and woot woot the curvy sewing collective is here!  i knew i forgot something, damn sleepless nights and coffee starved brain...


lastly, thankya thankya for the romper love.  i must admit, i never know if people check back to see if i've thanked them in the comments, and sometimes i feel like a dork typing out multiple thanks (really oona?  maybe people have better things to do then check back and see if you've hunted & pecked out a gracias?) so i'll say it here: thankya! and yes, tutorial by the end of the month...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

romper with room

oonaballoona self drafted romper

last week we housed 5 adults and 2 children for 24 hours.  


one of said adults, the six-foot-fifty-eight one, was sporting a fabulous, flowy, silky pants-thing that had holes for your footsies and shirring at the top.  this dame, let's call her The Diva, wore them because she knew i would specifically be fascinated by them.  indeed i was.  i made her take them off that evening so's i could study 'em.  

with two screaming nutjobs in the house in various states of undress, it wasn't weird at all.

oonaballoona self drafted romper

come the morning, the happy horde left in a hot rush, and my reward was deciphering this design on a mysterious-but-famous designer silk crepe de chine panel print from mood fabrics.  this birdcage yardage had been sitting on my table since spring-- after failing miserably on an anna sui print, i didn't want to ruin it more prettiness.

so of course i took a whack at it while my brain was still intoxicated by wining and wailing.

hours later, i threw open the bathroom door, revealing a towel clad ruggy (what is it about this tale and states of undress?) and shouted I DID IT!  arms thrust high in the air over my head, goooooooal!!! my glee turned to absolute euphoria as ruggy slowly raised his eyebrows and declared.... i like it.

oonaballoona self drafted romper


apparently, a lot of men like them.  i get the most intriguing catcalls in these.  older gentleman look at me with an appreciative, respectful eye.  younger, not-so-gentle-men bring their remarks down to a hushed tone: GOTDAMM I LOVE YOU, said one as i walked in search of a quiet spot to shoot.  a truck tooted his horn with the lightest of taps, three times, as i strode across the crosswalk.  toot?  toot toot?

hey man, you know what?  sometimes it's nice to get a whistle or two-- especially when one has dressed 80% of one's body in voluminous drapey folds.

that said, there is some saran wrap going on in the form of shirring, about 20 or so lines of 1/4 inch shirring, to be exact.  THAT TAKES FOREVER.  this is the part that makes it possible to wear it as a romper or as a "skirt."  


oonaballoona self drafted romper

the eternity of which you can experience yourself at the end of the month when i'll be sharing a tutorial for these! once you get past the shirring, it's three seams, yo.  seriously, no flaking on this promise, as it'll be part of simple simon's lovely skirting the issue tutorial hop.   i've worn the two i've made more times than i can count-- breezy and cool, and you can lounge around in them with no fear of showing yo' lady parts in a gust of summer BBQ wind.

because sometimes it's good to be dressed.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

on being in the spotlight + diminishing yourself

True And Strange Confession Time: i don't like the spotlight.

that is to say, i like the spotlight, i actively seek out and enjoy the spotlight, i mean seriously, I'M AN ACTRESS, i LOVE the spotlight... but i don't like the spotlight.  it's definitely an I Love You So I Don't Have To Like You relationship. i've always been at odds with it, mainly because i never want anyone to feel as though their spotlight is diminished by my spotlight.  and vice versa!  growing up female does that to you, doesn't it?  (the world cup announcers have influenced me, i have taken a fancy to the british way of asking someone if they share your opinion by tacking a leading question onto the end.  it's a wonderfully polite way of saying I AM RIGHT AGREE WITH ME, isn't it?)

ahem.  diminished spotlight.  growing up female does that to you, doesn't it?  we are taught that if someone else is beautiful, smart, or talented, we are therefore not as beautiful, smart, or talented. because there is a finite amount of those qualities to go around.  although i cry major bullshit on that, i apparently also believe it wholeheartedly, as the prompt for this post was my personal cringefest over an absolutely lovely and extremely flattering oonapalooza question and answer from gillian to ginger.  no seriously, just now, i had to pull away from the computer and rub my ear in a nervous fury before i typed that sentence.  as bratty as i am, i should have been primping and preening with my tiara (i do have several) whilst reciting the sunshower of praise out loud to the cat.  but no!  i felt awkward reading it!  i felt nervous!  indeed, i felt like a Supreme Brat! (that brat part goes both ways.)   because if i'm called great... maybe others feel there's less great to go around.

i'd like to once and for all stuff that wretched feeling into a bag marked INSANITY and incinerate it.   am i diminished by your greatness?  NO.  am i inspired out the wazoo by your greatness?  YES!  i revel in each beautiful new creation and each beautiful new lady (or gentleman!) i "meet" in this community, and i sincerely mean every compliment i type out on the web, or holler out in person.  and i know you mean it, too.  so why the fear?  why shouldn't we have oonapalooza and sew dolly clackett and pattern testing and blog tours and liebster awards and me made months? why shouldn't we embrace our wonderful aspects in every aspect of life?  why should i feel like i need to diminish myself because some really awesome people have decided to put me in a spotlight?

maybe we are all in the same awkward boat on the receiving end, but sailing a great big giant cruise ship of love on the giving end. 

so i'm going to do what ruggy has forever admonished me to do when receiving a compliment after a performance (i'm really super crazy cringe-y bad at that): i'm going to say thank you.  and mean it from the bottom of my technicolored heart, without any caveats or quantification.  all of you wonderful people participating in oonapalooza are blowing my mind, and i've created a pinterest board of the amazing looks i've found so far (please holler at me if i've missed you, and i know there are many WIPs & eyepoppers on instagram waiting to be blogged, holy cow wait till you see --ETA and see the first roundup also here on the sewcialists blog).

and what's marvelous is: none of these creations are carbon copies, or sewists creating garments they would not actually wear-- no, each and every one is individually stamped, but inspired by a kalkatroonaan love for color, or print, or stepping out of the comfort zone, or, as stitches and ditches put it, use of Extreme Determination.  i inspire you, and you inspire me.  (that sounds big headed, like godzilla sized big headed, but i'm going to exercise Extreme Determination and leave that bit in. surprise of all surprises, this oona-inspired challenge is bringing me out of my comfort zone.)

thank you.  i love seeing what you create.  you are beautiful, and smart, and talented, and isn't it wonderful: there are infinite quantities to go around.