March 4, 2015

a wolf in winter

oonaballoona | a sewing blog | By Hand London Victoria boucle coat in process

Lately, in protestation of Winter, I've been wearing summer clothing indoors. From the second I get out of bed to the moment I have to drag myself out into Actual Weather, it's a tropical climate of the mind. 

Currently, I'm creating winter wear, but I'm wearing a neon green bra, a tank top imprinted with a giant pineapple and the siren call "Aloha From Honolulu," a pair of black n' gold (GO STEELERS) culotte-parachute-harem pants that are made less Man Repellant by the fact that they are black n' gold (GO STEELERS), and an extra long dangly necklace. An extra long dangly necklace is key. But I can't seem to get fair weather stitching going under the machine. I tried, I snagged several yards of springy floral fabric from my beloved janky store, only to make an underlined cocktail dress that is on the docket for so much Dior inspired adornment that it will surely cause me to melt in anything above 70 degrees.


This morning there are eight thousand handmade pieces on my bloglovin'roll screaming at me to jump on the spring bandwagon: Orange! Orange and Blue!! Flowers!!! Feathers!!!! ENTIRE PINK GALAXIES!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, WOMAN?! Suzanne even took the bandwagon OUT INTO THE ATMOSPHERE TODAY

People, it's disgusting outside. Suzanne is a badass.

We make the jump to daylightspeed this very weekend with an extra hour of sun (assuming the sun still cares to grace us with its presence), so it's time to get on the stick. After I finish up the lavender boucle hanging out on the form, it's warm weather stitching. Friends in cold climes, have you made the switch yet? 

February 25, 2015

The Fabric Of The Universe

oonaballoona | a sewing blog | fabric of the universe | free people

I'm finding it hard to remember the last time I put Actual Garment Fabric under my sewing machine. It probably wasn't that long ago...maybe a little over a week...but I think a day in sewing is something akin to dog years. IT'S BEEN ROUGHLY 56 YEARS SINCE I'VE STITCHED CLOTH. 

I'm also the girl that woke up on Sunday knowing it was Monday till my IG feed proved otherwise. The rules of Time are optional around here.

But everyone in the world should wake up on a Sunday knowing it's a Monday! WHAT A DELIGHT WHEN YOU FIND OUT OTHERWISE! (Preferably, before you're on your commute to work.) It was like I bent time to my will and graced myself with ANOTHER FULL DAY OF WEEKEND! I AM OONA, RULER OF THE UNIVERSE!

(We had an in-house screening of Flash Gordon on Saturday night. So.)

oonaballoona | a sewing blog | fabric of the universe | free people

Settled in my sewing queendom that Super Sunday, I contemplated my subjects like Ming the Merciless. Stretch Velvet from the Planet Velvaxus (so dubbed by Ruggy, my right hand Klytus) tried to tempt me with its lustrous ways, but no dice. Minions from the Silkworm Moon presented floral lengths, I was severely displeased. Let's face it, we might as well be living on Frigia, I have no time for your summer silks! 

No fabric could charm me. No, lately, my toy of choice has been rope. Don't know why. I've been cutting and stitching the stuff with no real plan, but Empresses don't need a plan. I was ravenous for more thread and texture. Suddenly, I needed to weave! I needed to weave a medallion, yo! A SYMBOL OF MY ULTIMATE RULE! 

BLAST IT ALL, I thought, shaking my fist at the heavens, I NEED MORE ROPE! AND I NEED IT TO APPEAR BEFORE ME RIGHT NOW!

My ruthless eyes fell upon the subjects of the Planet Boucle. Excellent. I started harvesting organs from every scrap I could find.

oonaballoona | a sewing blog | fabric of the universe | free people

oonaballoona | a sewing blog | fabric of the universe | free people

As the day lingered (and it did linger gracefully, ending in a phantasmagoric meal that I am still wistful for), I would occasionally bellow to the room, THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER MADE. Really? my friend queried. Well, pretty much any new thing I'm working on is THE BEST THING I'VE EVER MADE until I'm working on something else. 

The look on his face said that this was a rule he was keen to adopt.

I used this tutorial from Free People to get me going (HA! DELICIOUS IRONY! There are no Free People in my Queendom, only subjects who bend to my will!) and a cardboard box for a loom. (I would have preferred something a bit more blingy, in fact I almost wrapped the board in washi tape before I embarked.)

oonaballoona | a sewing blog | fabric of the universe | free people

So far the ideas for this medallion are: 1. Back of a cropped jeans jacket, 2. Train on a dress with added peacock feathers, 3. Hat.*

*Because of the whole Frigia thing, dontcha know. I'm working on obliterating that planet with my awesome powers this weekend.

February 19, 2015

What was I (drink)Thinking #2

This dress was destined for the chop shop, like its rainbow striped predecessor. A full on What Was I Drinking in effect. But then this happened...

oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars


oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars


This Closet Case Nettie dress was stitched last summer, intended for a Brooklyn block party. After spending many hours on it, including figuring out how to fully line it in one continuous unbroken swoop (don't ask, my memory does not go back that far, I blame it on the booze), I donned it with glee...and couldn't stop guffawing. 

oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars

Considering I chose a body con dress for this bodacious print, I'm not sure what I could have done to avoid the questionable pattern placement on display. Perhaps that's why Brain raised the white flag and just decided to go gorilla on it (GET IT?! GORILLA!! Yeah, I am the last person on the planet to discover Bruno Mars.) 

I labored to make sure a wreath of sunshine infused flowers adorned my neckline...

oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars

And, um.... my fallopian tubes. 

(I also have dangerous boobs. BEWARE MY BOOBS, MY BOOBS WILL CUT YOU.)

oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars

HOT DAMN. Can I get a witness for a seaweed covered booty? Come on, you can't go wrong with a seaweed covered booty! All the men like a seaweed covered booty! Except Mark Ronson, he's not really into algae.

oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT here you go, the dress with normal boring backdrop, for your careful consideration. Loses something here...makes you rethink its wearability factor without the posse, no? 

oonaballoona |uptown funk nettie dress | bruno mars

THAT'S BETTER.  It's one hundred percent a "What Was I Drinking," don't worry, I am fully aware of that fact, but FRIG IT. I'M WEARING IT. It will certainly require a beverage or two when sporting, again, don't worry, I'll be sure to adhere to that rule. But I will rock this like Bruno rocked gold hair rollers on live television. Don't believe me? Just watch. Put yo theme song on and own it.

If you see me stomping around in it, do join me for a glass and a chorus of Uptown Funk. It'll be on repeat in my head. My do-rag covered head.