there are many lovely ladies out there

and two have given me some prizes! roxie has stepped away for the moment so here i am to claim. both women make beautiful things out of fabrics and out of words. one is from a very purple and very honest lady, the other comes from a land down under, where apparently these are to be found in abundance.

both awards require me to share some honest and/or things-you-didn't-know about me... one wants 10, the other 7, so, add those up, divvy by 2... i'm gonna go with 8 and 1/2 things. (see, dad? i did learn something in high school math!)

geri, marmota & incurable homebody? you are hereby awarded, blogger slacker to blogger slacker.

UNO! i can't speak any language besides english, despite having four years of french. and i think we are totally pigheaded in this country about that. myself included, as i haven't done a damn thing about it.

DOS!  i always have to look behind me before safely, err, sitting in the bathroom. i'm pretty sure this stems from seeing a colossal spider AT EYE LEVEL AND INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE right next to the throne of my childhood. very clever, he was, his home was a hole in the windowsill that made it impossible to capture him. mortal fear, every time.

TRES! i have stolen just about every bit of my current blogger layout from emilykate.

CUATRO! speaking of theft, when i was 13 i stole some makeup out of the most popular-girl-in-school's open gym locker (lest you think i picked a lock, i was not a very accomplished thief). i then threw the makeup in the trash. my friends chipped in and gave me an eyeshadow palette of 58 colors, thinking i didn't have money for makeup. i just wanted to do something mean to the meanest girl in school. (by the way have you seen mean girls? awesome. i'd be the artistic outcast chick, only with lace stockings and technicolor duds. everyone thought i was a skank but i was one of the only virgins in school.)

CINCO! i think milk chocolate should be put to death. also carrot cake.

SEIS! i am a very violent girl, at least for entertainment purposes. if it's not a good romantic comedy, then i want armageddon and faceless demons and bad cops that kick ass but they do it for the right reasons.

SIETE! i always have to be fair to both sides of my body if it's something i've inadvertently caused-- say, if i'm walking down the street and kick my own shin by accident, i have to kick the other one. yep.

OCHO! i am very strong for my size (5'2 and three quarters, thankyouverymuch), with arm muscles that surprise people. these do not come from working out at the gym. they come from doing my hair, which is very curly and thick.

AND A HALF! there are many days that i would rather spend sewing-drinking-eating-playing in a house in the country, instead of going to my dream job, which is