why thankya!

and here you have it, mom and dad: proof that i used my joann's gift card!

(my mother has this strange fear that giftcards-as-prizes are never actually used. which i guess i can understand, as it took me two months to use mine. but it was fun knowing it was waiting patiently in my wallet, like a little birthday pixie.)

i would also like to note that this shopping spree was part of an attempt to buy some solid material, as everything i own has some sort of wild pattern on it. three out of seven ain't bad, eh? i hope my support group leader will be pleased...

i'll try to carry my love for the maxi dress into fall with the red knit (which is a nice deep color, way more orange-y red than the pic) and a knee length version with the crazy-crazy i-don't-CARE-if-it's-not-solid! blue knit. the chocolate brown print is fairly stiff, i think it might look great as burdastyle's anda à la the M.I.A. incurable homebody's big floral print (where you at girl?), and adding a wide belt as nikkishell did. the flowery wash is quite silky... no idea what it should be. and i'm not sure what to do with the yellow eyelet (but i need a good solid top!), the salmon cotton (the ladies in line at the cutting table said it matched my cheeks, damn heavy-handed blush) or the white & gray flowers... maybe this tunic dress?

actually, i'm not completely sold on any of my choices. suggestions anyone? emilykate, any flashes of brilliance?


delightful don

i finally tried out a weekend designer pattern, after many week-days of bookmarking and hemming and hawing and not wanting to do ANY MATH. this camie pattern was about as much addition and subtraction as i was willing to handle on my first drafting.

i added a stretchy band of unknown material to the bottom to appease r's constant desire to see my figure. (nice, that.) the blouse-y top efficiently handles the belly's inevitable expansion when dining out (one must always think ahead).

it took about 30 minutes to make 2 yards of thin ribbon out of the very slippery body material for the keyhole opening. and about 4 minutes to hack it off and go with a vintage button instead.

oona: do you like this picture?

r: you should add bitemarks to your neck before you upload it. like you've been bitten by a vampire.



nacho libre: the cheese stands alone

i do believe i should be thinking at this point: oh how i miss cheese. but i don't. it's astounding.

we mixed up some fresh guacomole (used lemon instead of lime, SO good); r sauteed some yellow squash, orange peppers and baby carrots:

oona: "what did you put in this? it's fantastic!" 

r: "i don't know." 

(oona scrunches her face in frustration at r's mad improvisational cooking skillz.)

i browned up some ground dark turkey with the help of simply organic's seasoning packets (yeah, no improv for me, actually i used a packet on the guac too) and topped it off with vermont's own green mountain gringo salsa (they are known for mexican cusine in the snowy mountains of vermont, didn't you know that?), then made each nacho right at the table for the perfect bite. i must also bow to the prowess of r's perfect bite skillz. that palm-sized nacho you see pictured above? that, my friends, is the perfect bite, and was consumed whole. repeatedly.