Step into my Handmade Closet! Everything I've Sewn in 2021

all my 2021 sewn garments | the handmade harriells

It took me a minute, but I climbed back up on the YouTube horse, and I did it by swirling around in every technicolor thing I made in 2021. (One of those things was finished right under the wire, I might even be lying a little bit in terms of stitching the hem...maybe that was in the first week of January? Eh. Time is a fiction!)

Physically modeling a garment is one of the many things I'm surprised to find myself liking about videos. Don't get me wrong, I'm an actress, I love being a ham in front of the camera. But I've always enjoyed my sewing content static. Maybe because it used to be an escape from the entertainment industry for me? It's an eye-opener to see handmade clothing in action--and, it prevents the sewist (points at self) from snapping a perfect picture for Instagram and dropping the mic, uninspected. On the other hand, I also found out I like a couple garments that were previously on the chopping block!

If you'd like to step into my little slice of New York Narnia, the video is right here waiting for you: check out my handmade wardrobe đź’—

Hope you're getting some sewing in on this long weekend here, or wherever you are!


  1. I've considered starting a YT channel but then gah, I don't know if I can handle another social media account. But I do think it can be extremely helpful to see the garment on the body.

    I'll have to check it out!

  2. This was the first thing at the top of my email list and WOW, what a terrific way to start my day! Bright! Cheerful! Interesting! Educational! And just plain FUN!

  3. You ROCK. I have always enjoyed your you tube channel especially when Rob makes an entrance. Happy 2022!!

  4. What a happy and gorgeous wardrobe and you are gorgeous too!


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