delightful don

i finally tried out a weekend designer pattern, after many week-days of bookmarking and hemming and hawing and not wanting to do ANY MATH. this camie pattern was about as much addition and subtraction as i was willing to handle on my first drafting.

i added a stretchy band of unknown material to the bottom to appease r's constant desire to see my figure. (nice, that.) the blouse-y top efficiently handles the belly's inevitable expansion when dining out (one must always think ahead).

it took about 30 minutes to make 2 yards of thin ribbon out of the very slippery body material for the keyhole opening. and about 4 minutes to hack it off and go with a vintage button instead.

oona: do you like this picture?

r: you should add bitemarks to your neck before you upload it. like you've been bitten by a vampire.



  1. Your cami is SWEET! Heheheh, yes boys to seem to like a waist.

  2. Heehee, vampire hickeys.... boys.

    That looks like a neat pattern site...will have to check it out! If my abysmal math skills will let me!

  3. So cute! Also, R and Jason might be the same person. Vampire bites? Awesome.

  4. i have indeed thought the same, especially after your BBQ post:)

    thanks everyone! becky, the math for this one is definitely not too hard.

  5. I should finally really go through Weekend designer... I don't mind math, as long as something wearable comes out of it. ;-)
    And what a lovely fabric you used for the cami! I think it must look even better in person. And be nice to wear, when it's slippery (although hrd to sew... that's the usual problem with the nicest fabrics).

  6. gorgeous top! love the fabric print. so cute. u look great ;)


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