sealed with a kiss

and guarded by a very large cat. (cody is ready for the recession.) i am still adjusting to new york air. which is apparently adjusting to itself. it has been negative 72 degrees one minute, the next, it's acapulco. i'm in a little apartment the size of a shoe, and when not at work, i spend the balmy frigid hours sewing. my goal is to finish a holiday dress made partly from this pattern swapped by the awesome emilykate, and partly from the bouncy tiered skirt offered by weekend designer. i am a firm believer that one should dress up for the holidays. way up. bordering on costume, if you will. i even went so far as to ask my awesome mom-in-law to send me her gorgeous red velvet floor length vintage coat to finish my christmas look-- a look which, admittedly, would be better had i not left my ten dollar baby blue sparkling vintage dress in LA. so sad. even sadder, what with the move and the new job and the healthy diet, i am now actually able to fit into its wasp waist with none of the intended refashioning required. wait! saddest of all! i am 80% sure the same will not hold true next year! sigh. it'll be me and the fat cat, guarding the laundry quarters.


  1. I certainly wouldn't mess with the fat cat, good security system!

  2. yes, that cat will hurt you, but mostly due to the sheer size of his gut pouncing on your lap.

  3. Welcome back! Your cat picture is adorable. And looking forward to seeing all your festive Christmas outfit goodness!

  4. Ten rolls of quarters, Cody. Do you know how much cat food $100 can buy?

    Cody is guarding those quarters for himself, Oona. To pay for Christmas dinner.


  5. I hope you've adjusted to New York air already, at least a bit...
    I'm looking forward to see what you've made!

  6. Oh goody more oonas! welcome back :o)
    does your kitty like to help you with sewing? mine loves to get up close and personal with all my fabric and patterns whenever they are spread out.

  7. oona! you are in new york! i forgot! hope to see you soon!

  8. Are you in NY?! Hooray!!
    Spill it!
    I've been 'redoing' my apartment for months and months. Mostly just shuffling things from one room to the next. I have to remind myself of your wall inspired quick change abilities and just FINISH already! I've started and not finished SEVERAL projects including a gorgeous New Years frock that started with the most amazing fabric sale find ever! Too bad I never finished it. Good thing for my stock pile of Azaleas!
    Happy to have you near! I'll be looking for you on the train!


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