making christmas

or trying to...

the cat keeps getting in the way. so, are you one of those people who makes holiday gifts? are you beginning to wonder if they see you coming, and yearn to run? "oh great, here comes oona. can't wait to get my hands on that apron/ornament/pajama set/softie/scarf/done up in batshit crazy fabric:"
them there's magenta roses on periwinkle blue. warned you. do you think they get tired of it? more importantly, do YOU get tired of it? do you set up a li'l christmas sweat shoppe and create until it is no longer creative? i'm trying not to do that this year... but it seems inevitable. we have a group of 14 friends, all couples, and the girls are my responsibility. i used to love walking through shops, looking for items that screamed my many friends names (oh yes, i am POPULAR) but lately things are seeming like... things. you know what i mean? so this year i believe it will be amy butler's wide leg lounge pants. in aforementioned assorted batshit crazy fabrics. but i'd love to know what YOU are making... i do need ideas for about 50 co-workers... (like i said, POPULAR.)


  1. First, I'd love to receive something handmade, and I think most of my friends would, too. I'm doing a lot of handmade things this year, but truly I think it depends on the recipient. Some people would prefer a Wii game or a cd, and I've got to accept that. So, I try to limit my handmade gifts to people who will appreciate them.

    This year I'm making: one set of 6 placemats from *In Stitches* for my mom, one hank of handspun sock yarn for my knitter mother-in-law, and stockings from felted sweaters for everyone. That's the plan, at least :)

  2. It really depends on the giftee, like muchadored said. I'll often make handmade things for my friends (or lately I've also gone to purchasing handmade things from places like Etsy when it's something I just don't think I could make as well), since I know them well enough to know which ones would appreciate it. And I'll often make handmade jewelry for my mom, since she enjoys that. But then there's people like, say, my brother, who is so picky about what he likes that I usually just get him whatever cd or movie is on his wish list at the time.

  3. It depends on the person, and on my mood...
    As to what I'm making and you drawing inspiration from that - hm, would you find a recipient for a beer yeast (or what it's called in English) plushie? ;) They popped up in an online shop and I want to make one for my father.

  4. I'm drowning in Christmas craft. Haven't been able to find the things that I had in mind for people so I've ended up with a ton of daft presents to make. Current projects include an excessively garish tie (red with hollographic snowflakes) and crochet prawns. Will the recipients appreciate them? Mmmmaybe. Will it make me chuckle to present them with such gifts? Too bloody right. Probably worth it.

  5. mick, my handmade gifts are from in stitches too! i love those wide leg lounge pants... but yeah, my secret santa is getting a wii giftcard. somehow i don't see him in magenta roses...

    becky, my brother is just the same, only now i don't have to worry about it because we don't exchange gifts! bah humbug.

    umm, okay, hana & vickles, i am DYING to see your yeast plushie and crochet prawns. what?! so freaking creative!


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