my camera is breaking up with me.

one saturday morning before a double shift, i woke up and decided i needed a new dress for a birthday party later that night. i'm running into this situation lately, i have the fabric i want to wear, but it's not made into anything wear-able, it's stting folded on my shelf. it's like my fabric stash is now my closet. a problem when you're short on time.

i had this awesome silk that i found at a very odd fabric store down in chelsea for a dollar a yard (!), but i didn't have any patterns that came close to what was in my head. i'd been afraid to cut into these 6 yards of gorgeous for several months now, at the price i paid i'm not sure why... maybe because it was such a steal? if nothing good came of it, the bargain would be lost-- and that might be worse than ruining real-world priced fabric.

now, i'm afraid i can't really show you this dress. i would like to show you this dress, very much. i'm sorta proud of it, for reasons to follow. but my camera had other ideas. here's the best shot:

and here come the blur:

sadly, i think it's time for a new camera. is six years too much to expect from the life of a canon powershot A80? i'm dreading buying a new one with every fiber of my being. i get so OCD... hours in front of the screen stressing... but this baby is now producing an overlay of tiny red dots, and doesn't want to focus so much anymore.

the reason for my pride is that i draped it on myself. my dress form is still far away in LA sunshine (and for that matter, has honkers waaaay bigger than mine). i folded the fabric on the bias, cut two rectangles, then swished, pinned and handstitched for two hours till it was ready for machine sewing. it has angles and pin tucks and asymmetrical    slashes and abstract sleeves and layers and folds...

i can hear the internet thinking: and?

i know! you can't see how cool it is! (but look how cool i think i am, ignorant oona blissfully unaware of her camera's evil intentions. ☞)

i swear it's awesome in person. at the birthday party, one of the ladies loved it so much she's hired me to make an evening gown for a gala. no lie.

feh. i'm off to hunt for a camera.


  1. I can tell it's gorgeous and really different; it really suits you! Well done, and sorry about the camera. Mine is going to need replacing too, I feel, and I don't wanna deal. Good luck!

  2. I see that it's very cool and it's very YOU! I looove it. Good luck with your new camera, let's say shopping is fun!

  3. Strangely, I just finished months of dSLR research and settled on this one. Reviews are aweseome, and it is dead sexy like your dress.


  4. Shut up! It must be unreal if you got a gig from it!

    Good luck with your camera adventures!

  5. Arg! I'm exactly the same with cheap but lovely fabric- its almost WORSE to waste the bargain by maybe wrecking it than if you had paid a lot for it! You DEFFO made a gorgeous dress out of yours though.

    BTW, I gave your talented self a Kreativ Blogger award, which you can pick up at my blog if you do these sorts of things!

    Oh, and my Powershot A80 died a few months ago too! I got the Canon Digital IXUS 95IS and am lovin' it.

  6. thanks everyone! when i get the courage i'm gonna look into these cameras... maybe with a shiny new toy i'd keep up with the blog more... hmmm.


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