oona and the stream of consciousness

(Ruggy returns from work to find oona flat on her back in bed, surrounded by cats. Fabric is everywhere.)

Ruggy: Hi sweetness... you okay?

oona: I... I... I... I CAN'T SEW ANYTHINGannnnn I just wanna be creeeative an' but I--I-- I don't even have the right faaabric to sew the p-p-p-pattern and this day is just Baaad and I can't get anything right and why am I so TIRED and I don't even know whyI'mm cryyyyying wuh wuh what is THAT ABOUT?!!!

(There follows some soothing sounds and the promise to get whatever might make the probably still drug- induced oona happy. Ruggy braves the depths of the Still Unpacked, and a box of vintage treasures is produced.)


Smart one, that Ruggy.

I've had the great luck to have grandmothers who loved and collected costume jewelry. I've not had the luck to have both grandmothers love me quite as much as their baubles--I have my mom to thank for most of this box of treasures. (thanks, mom!!) I didn't really mind, I had a slew of cousins growing up, and I felt, quite democratically, that they had their nana and I had my nan (not to be confused with a nanny), who loved me enough for twenty grandmas. 

There's not a lot in this box that came from my nan. She never bought much for herself. She spent most of what she had on family, and those she quietly embraced as family. She allowed herself what was necessary. I wanted so much for her to have had the pretty, frivolous things she wanted, that whenever I am given a piece I knew she would have loved, I place ownership to her in my head. Especially to butterflies. She loved butterflies.

I seriously have no idea if any of these were actually hers. But they've been given to her in my imagination, so there you have it. Kalkatroonaans have one hell of an imagination. I often think things up to make them so.

Maybe I should think up some good sewing mojo for tomorrow. I could sew her a dress she might have wanted...



  1. Nan didn't like butterflies, Oona, Nan LOVED butterflies.

    I guarantee you, she is very pleased.

  2. Oh I feel bad yesterday was not too good--it will get better, day by day.
    I thought some of those looked familiar--maybe this might lift your spirtis--I might have some more vintage stuff for you!

  3. Aw, your Nan sounds lovely!
    Postoperative moodslumpage and fatigue is so drear. But you'll pop out of the coccoon soon :o)

  4. WAHOO more vintage!!! if there's a butterfly in it, it's nan's :)

    i'm actually feeling better today and sewing...

  5. they are all so pretty, the swan is great. I have been scouring 2nd hand stores and yard sales for costume jewelry, with no great luck, they are all so unique

  6. isn't the swan pretty? i've had her for several years and haven't worn her... i think i need to display them more like clothes in a closet.

    keep looking, you never know when you'll find a box of goodies.

  7. Sweet. I'm glad you had your nan! Children need grandmothers, or nans, I think.
    Funny, I have a sister butterfly to the big one with dark blue gems on it, it's identical except mine has clear gems. I just brought it out of the bathroom cabinet last week since I needed the box i keep my costume jewellery in to use as a temporary sewing-kit-box when I made the Burdastyle book coat at our summerhouse.
    If I hadn't done that I wouldn't have recognised it in your picture.
    Funny world, everything is connected (which makes me think of the chaos-theory that the flaps of a butterfly's wings in one end of the world can create a storm in another).


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