peanut butter sandwiches

i am about to take this....

and make it into a christmas tree, a la anthropologie. yes, including the cat litter. i'm not even lying. 

tutorial to follow....


  1. Yes yes, please share!! I have a bag of kitty litter that's not suitable for my bun bun, so I'd love to make something good with it!


  2. I don't even understand what you're talking about, but I'm on board.

  3. love it! :)

    btw.... I won´t be there for the opening... cannot make it... it´s Dec. 9 Gallery Hanahou in Soho.... would you like to be my rep? and take some photos???? :)

    big hug...

  4. mick, i can always count on you to be in. i kind of want another week of happy just to see what you'll do.

    EK, i need an op shop trip for ornaments!!!

    cara, i will absolutely be your photo rep!

    and welcome miss claire :) as you'll see the litter is used for weight, so if you've got something that needs weighting, well, you're in luck.


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