get in the limo: my sis mokosha!

working up a few extra frills for my promaballoona dress...

meet my sister from another mister, mokosha.  i've lost track of how many times we've inspired each other.  in fact, i've outrighted copied her style.  i'll read her posts and finish the ends of her sentences before reading the end of them.  i'm certain we would have happily shared one closet growing up, one bookshelf, and one very well stocked bar cart.  it was a long drive to get to you, sis, but worth every mile... grab a drink and get in the limo!

so, here i am
beer in a hand
reasonably awake 
let's ride promballoona limo :)
my prom party no.1:

i'm 14 years old
my country is called yugoslavia
my hair is so short i'm almost bald
i wear maxi hippie dress that i designed 
(and had an old lady sew it for me)
and i'm spending entire night outside 
drinking beers and smoking
my prom party no. 2:

i'm 18 years old
my country is still called yugoslavia
(or maybe it's serbia and montenegro this time
i can't remember and am too lazy to google it)
my hair is a bit longer this time
i wear a maxi skirt and v neck blouse that i designed
(and had a friend's mom sew it for me)
no need to spend time outside
as we are over 18, and therefore allowed to drink alcohol
and smoke 
my prom party no. 3
aka my reunion party no. 1:

i'm 24 years old
who knows what's my country called
everyone lost their track..
i have a bob cut, and hair dyed fluorescent red
i wear black poofy halter dress with tulle petticoat
and all my girl friends are pregnant
meaning i'm the only one drinking 
and boy do i take that seriously..
i quit smoking some time ago
(some pics from the night prove me wrong though)
my prom party no. 4
aka my reunion party no. 2:

i'm 28 years old
my country is called serbia (for now)
i decided that i feel like a redhead
so i stick to it (just keep it natural, 'cause i'm a grown up now, right)
i wear the dress from these photos
one that i made myself
i even manage to walk in my huge platforms ('cause i'm a grown up, you know)
and dance and run and jump
and drink vodka like middle aged russian carpenter (how very grown up too)
and party and afterparty and watch the sunrise
my prom party no. 5:

i'm 29 years old
i live in a country called kalkatroona
i have a bad hair day
but i don't give a fuck
cause my dress is awesome
and i'm channeling my inner holly golightly
and my sister oona (the awesomest of all the sisters)  is going to pick me up with limo
and we're off to see the wizard 
the wonderful wizard of oz..

sis, i'm pretty sure i'm never letting you out of this limo.

if you're coming to promaballoona virtually, remember to share your links with me this weekend for a big wrapup prom party here!  and meet us back in kalkatroona this evening for drinks and another redhead...


  1. I can't wait to see who else you're picking up in this limo. SO MANY COOL PEOPLE

  2. Too bad you don't have pics of your wonderful custom made prom creations of the past Mokosha! I love your one shouldered number though, it looks fantastic on you~!

    1. yup, it sucks a bit, but i couldn't get them on time for this post, and i also couldn't photograph them now (i've transformed dress from the 1st prom into pants, then shorts, then blouse.. outfit from the 2nd prom also suffered from my creative bursts, and was deconstructed, and abandoned after that)

  3. Girl, you are awesome. Love your attitude :-)

    1. ahahaa.. why thank you, people often think the opposite (and i'm ok with that too)

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  5. o zdravo, reci ooni da imamo njeno ime u nas, Una, like, for real :-)

    1. zdravo i tebi :).. mislim da sam joj rekla jednom prilikom (mada njoj to nije pravo ime)

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