boozy tips

what's up y'all! if you haven't been getting your fill of holiday sweets, skip on over to rhinestones and telephones, where i'm delighted to be saucy sarah's guest today. i've got some bittersweet bourbon chocolate bread pudding for ya.
you didn't think i'd forget the alcohol, did you?
and it occurs to me i never mentioned, the lovely kristiann of victory patterns did a sewing spotlight on me! egads! i was honored to be in the company of some of my favorite sewists sporting one of my favorite indie pattern lines.
and yes, meg! ruggy is indeed sporting a steelers cap, knitted by Sister Beast, who's getting all fancy and displaying her wares in a gorgeoug pop up brick and mortar. AND HOLY COW. BROTHER BEAST OF BULLDOG RADIO IS BACK. i would not call this a pg 13 podcast. i'd call it a howl in laughter and/or rage while slamming whiskey and sewing up your (frigging) christmas list podcast.
links. i haz them.


  1. A Steelers cap?!?! HOW MARVELOUS!!!! I just finished making four American Girl robes out of Steelers fleece. Best Aunt ever? I think that title is now mine :)

    I need to get my hands on some of your bread pudding. It sounds like heaven to me, and I need some adult food after making doll clothes all week!

  2. A desert with Bourban? Yes and yes!!

  3. Awesome. You iz it!

  4. You have one talented family! And thanks for the recipe. I've always made bread pudding with bourbon, but why have I forgotten the chocolate? Silly me.

  5. Now I so desperately need to make this bread pudding... I'm with Amy-- I've made it with bourbon, but not chocolate! Need it!!


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