early morning hollering

ETA THE SECOND: guess who really shouldn't write a post at 6:47 AM after a sleepless allergy filled night?  THIS GIRL.  you have a full week to sign up for the amazing carolyn's seminar...if you'd like to know how carolyn uses her TNT patterns to fit fresh-out-of-the-envelope patterns, go sign on the dotted line for her webinar at burdastyle!  it starts at 11am EST today next thursday july 24, but if you can't view the goodies in real time, you'll get a recording of the whole shebang (so long as you've already signed up.)  and only twenty dollas, as angie would say.

and my girls maddie and jennifer are teaching you how to make bras & racerback tanks (respectively) this november in the sewing party, also a virtual treat so everyone can join!  forty smackeroos.

ETA (the first) eeeeeeeeeehhhh and woot woot the curvy sewing collective is here!  i knew i forgot something, damn sleepless nights and coffee starved brain...


lastly, thankya thankya for the romper love.  i must admit, i never know if people check back to see if i've thanked them in the comments, and sometimes i feel like a dork typing out multiple thanks (really oona?  maybe people have better things to do then check back and see if you've hunted & pecked out a gracias?) so i'll say it here: thankya! and yes, tutorial by the end of the month...


  1. Thanks for the info Oona and I love when you reply to comments!

  2. LOL, I think I don't have anything better to do.

  3. I totally check back and get sad when I don't get a reply.
    then I think, "well, she's got better things to do". ;)

    didn't know about sewing party. grrrreat!

    1. damnation y'all!!! i figure peeps are too busy sewing to see if i wrote a (truly inspired, thoughtful, well worded and oh so properly spelled) "thankya". ha!

    2. actually, you are absolutely right. will focus on that!
      (kind of reminds me the reason I don't use facebook and don't have a TV. I kinda force myself doing "better" things, you know?)
      thankya for the reminder!

  4. ... far away, thinking if knit is really the best thing to start teaching my sister how to sew. You know, Cake's Tee, no sleeve inserting? That should work, right?

    And I check back, too. On almost all blogs I comment on, unless I forget. Maybe I could be spending my time on other things, but...

    ... relating to you about not posting posts in bad circumstances, like late at night.

    1. i think knits are brilliant to start with, they're so forgiving! and who wants to set in a sleeve on their first run? i stayed away from sleeves for two years!

  5. SO much good sewing mojo being made on the internet! WANT TO DO ALL THE CLASSES.


i thankya truly for taking the time to comment, i love a good conversation-- and hope you know my thanks are always implied, if not always written!