Friday Fat Quarter: Unicorns And Rainbows


I've received emails, tweets, heard from people at meetups, the cry has gone out since last March, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FAT QUARTER CHALLENGE? Today... indeed, every Friday during the month of August... You. Find. Out.

It's Friday Fat Quarter Day, y'all!!! Head on over to see Challenger the First, She Of The Unicorns And Rainbows: my infinitely awesome girl Devra, at Puu's Door of Time. She made separates, y'all. And she plans on wearing them out in the real world. The bar has been set at flying unicorn height. FEAST YOUR EYES. FEAST THEM, I SAY!

(And speaking of plans, I have a wonderful scheme to pick 5 oonapalooza winners! Details coming this weekend...)


  1. man oh man. devvie's outfit is just too cool!

  2. Aw...I dream of rainbows and unicorns...and seeing everybody's makes! Devra sure worked magic with that 'lil bundle of fabric. This WILL be fun!

  3. FINALLY!!! I was wondering what had happened to this :)

  4. Yay!! (That's Minnesotan for cool!) I've been waiting for this!

  5. So much fun!!!!! The other contenders are probably shaking in their boots right now!

  6. Wait - rainbows AND unicorns?? *boom* (sound of mind being blown) That's just so cool!!! :) A tip of the Tanqueray to Devra!


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