Spinning Wheel

So. I SWEAR Instagram is giving me vertigo! I'm saying it now because I'm pretty sure news of this phenomenon will break in a month or so, and I would like to be documented as one of the first to experience this Social Media Affliction. Facebook has cornered the market on battering your mood, Instagram will soon create a subculture of dizzy people wandering around in great loopy paths, wondering why the world is scrolling at odd angles around them.

Another reason to love blogs.

Speaking of which, this very short (I blame the tiny device on which I am typing) and off-kilter post (I blame the tiny device which is messing with my brain) is just to let you know about another blogger, Faye, who blogs at Faye's Sewing Adventure. She never fails to bring a smile to my face. We did a little interview together, as part of her recent collection of blogger interviews. Throughout the highly entertaining series she's asked great questions-- you oughtta scroll through and read up on some awesome sewists, if you're tired of spinning though pictures. Or, you know, spinning in general...

Happy Friday, y'all!

(PS: I've been cuttin a lotta steel bonin, yo. I might do a little video on it in the near future, it's easy if you have the right tools!)


  1. I agree - blogs are where it's at.

  2. Palllleeeeaaaase do a tutorial for cutting steel boning!!
    I wouldn't even know where to begin!

  3. I'm getting vertigo too... And I am a bit scared of Bonin', wouldn't know where to start!!

  4. I love reading blogs, just so much more information and entertainment!

  5. I love blogs. Blogs forever! They can keep all their newfangled social media shtuff. (and get off my lawn)

  6. I agree, my friend!! I was very sad when I realized Instagram was taking me wherever it wanted to take me. I'll still use it but it's not the same. Long live blogs!

  7. Reading blogs is like having a conversation with the person in real life, real time. Keep the blog. Lose the other media.


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