Construction (not the kind you think).

As I sit here with my morning cup of black gold, soft breeze drifting through the open window, reveling in the sounds of the NONSTOP, DEAFENING BUZZ of a circular saw cutting through brick (a cacophony that has gone on ALL SUMMER LONG), I look to the weekend with equal parts anticipation and melancholy. The last weekend in August! IT CANNOT BE.

This weekend will be 50% creating and 50% celebrating, which equals 2000% awesome (because that's how kalkatroonaan math works). I'm also hoping to get some shots of the many things waiting to be documented...about fifteen outfits, I'd say, more than enough to make my photographer quake in his flip flops. We're getting pretty good at doing this quickly, though. Rob has two rules when he's snapping: he doesn't speak, and he shoots from the ground up. We now have a handsignal to allow passersby to safely cross without fear of being captured:

There's my guy, on the ground! Not talking, like a weirdo!

(He sings, though. Beautifully. Just not in public. At the moment, he's serenading me with a ukelele rendition of Ozzy Osbourne's "Goodbye to Romance," lyrics adjusted to reflect my current murderous mood.)

You'll excuse the haphazardness, won't you? Blame it on the table saw. I'm really just here to tell you about my Tribute dress, made for the Sewcialist's first challenge after their re-launch. But considering the NEVERENDING NOISE AFFECTING MY BRAIN FUNCTIONS, I'll leave the explaining to my previously crafted post: check out the dress & inspiration for it, over at the Sewcialist's blog. So happy to see them up & running again!

Ah, they're lowering the construction cage system! I sense a construction break. I'm off to take advantage of it. 


  1. I love it! What a fantastic print. Orange has been speaking to me a lot lately and head sized flowers are always wonderful.

  2. Oh I'm sorry that means that your birthday celebrations are coming to an end. Well only 11 months until they start up again!!! Hope they were wonderful!

  3. Love the print, love your styling.

  4. You look glorious in that dress. The print is a miracle. No – the way you created the dress is the miracle. Head-sized flowers – the only way to go. Love the side drape. A great idea. Which pattern did you use or maybe you self-drafted one. Also, what's the fabric content. Where did you get the fabric?
    Glory. Glory.
    Sorry about the noise – it's enough to make a girl crazy. I hope the sound of your sewing machine is enough to cancel it out.

    1. Thank you! It's a lightweight cotton from Mood (Ny store). And yes, I self-drafted the pattern...
      As for the noise, it's STILL going! I'm going to need to run all of my machines at once.

  5. Oh wheeeere did you get this fabric?
    Stunning! Loved loved all of it: design, inspiration, hairdo, photos. You are such an inspiration! đź’–

  6. Your dress is beautiful! The fabric is stunning.

  7. Ghaa that noise sounds awful. At least you have the breeze. Loving this outfit, can't wait to see the 15 others!!!!

  8. The dress is looking very colorful and very attractive.

  9. Thanks everyone! Blogspot needs little heart buttons next to comments đź’—


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