Close Up on Suit Up! The Dark Knight (I'm BATMAN.)

Close Up on Suit Up! The Dark Knight (I'm BATMAN.) | oonaballoona by marcy harriell | dc comics

Do not adjust your monitors, I am indeed clad in head to toe black (literally--I mean, do you know how hard it is to get my mass of hair into a cowl?). This absence of technicolor is something I would only do for The Dark Knight.

Close Up on Suit Up! The Dark Knight (I'm BATMAN.) | oonaballoona by marcy harriell | dc comics

I loved comic books ever since my bigger bro (as he likes to call himself--this is, again, a quite literal description) started a collection as a kid. The collection was solely his, as the ballet barre and mirrors installed in my room by my Dad were solely mine. Though I would've been delighted if Bigger Bro wanted to join me for a plié or two. 

I can't remember if this no-trespassing-on-hobbies-thing was a rule, or simply an innate knowledge that the two of us had to have some interests that were unique to us. Maybe the understanding came when I switched from Michael Jackson to Prince? Prince was Bigger Bro's domain, until I came to my senses. He was all DO YOU EVEN KNOW ANYTHING PRE-PURPLE RAIN YOU POSER.

Close Up on Suit Up! The Dark Knight (I'm BATMAN.) | oonaballoona by marcy harriell | dc comics

Unfortunately for bro, I was HIGHLY interested in the plastic sleeved boxes of mini art that grew in his room. I was allowed in once a week to read a small pile of the latest issues, but really, I only ever got through one in a session, since it took me roughly an hour to get through fifteen pages. I was, and always have been, a speed reader, but comics had so much more than words to devour! They had color, they had art, they had lettering, they had story, they had layout. Usually about three pages from the end of my chosen issue, Bigger Bro would have enough of my presence in his domain and bid me farewell, the small pile of new issues mostly untouched.

(I would sneak back in later and read the rest when he was out with friends. Sorry bro. I felt it my reward for being the good kid who stayed in at night 😜)

Close Up on Suit Up! The Dark Knight (I'm BATMAN.) | oonaballoona by marcy harriell | dc comics

You know that feeling you get when you're away from your childhood home for the first time, and you understand that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT for dinner? That's the feeling I got when I walked into Midtown Comics, just a half block from the theater I was working in as an adult. Frank Miller's work jumped off the shelves, in the form of a Batman I'd never seen before. This Batman had had it. This Batman was the anit-hero, a Dark Knight who considered his previous career of crimefighting a mere slap on the wrist! This Knight was ready to FULL ON THROW DOWN, and I'm talking physically knocking Superman out of the Batcave throw down. I was in love, and bought everything Frank Miller I could find.

Close Up on Suit Up! The Dark Knight (I'm BATMAN.) | oonaballoona by marcy harriell | dc comics

Out of the list of Super Heros for Suit Up!, Rob insisted I take Batman. Although his fandom equals mine, this ask was *mainly* because he thinks black looks great on me, and saw his chance. Civilian! I whispered, in my best Dark Knight bass rumble. You do not realize how easy an ask that is. I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE TO DEFEND GOTHAM AS THE DARK KNIGHT. 

There's zero sew-speak going on in this post (I know, you're shocked) but the entire Batman episode is up for free on Youtube, and they're very good about making me talk about sewing (though I do still get to act a fool--that's pretty much impossible to contain). If you're a member, or start a free trial, you can view all four heroes, starting with Batman on Bluprint...and tomorrow, I'll be plastering Rob's Aquaman look ALL. OVER. THIS. HERE. SPACE. We went a little rock with it. Let's just say that green and orange spandex was a...harder sell, and I had some figurin' out to do.

Happy Sunday, Super Sewists. From the middle of Gotham, I hope you are fighting the very best fight, and finding a moment in this world to bring something creative into existence.

 (all photographs by Dylan Osborne, check out his Instagram feed for a dose of beauty)


  1. Marvel Comics needs a leather-clad vixen who slays fashion, and foments fun. She traipses about the High Line interjecting into passerby's conversations, and they revel in being "selected". She minces about those cordoned off by velvet ropes, and with a gleeful smile and a pair of sparkly hedge trimmers, opens up any given affair to all. She cavorts with double-decker tourists, eats of the plates of "breakfast included" lodgers, and with a simple cheek swaddle of the door person, she can enter and access any space in the city.

    Oh, such powers, and always used for the benefit of others - especially her fans and viewers.

    Perhaps someday her "live action" travelogue will be broadcast on every screen in Times Square. A city permanently captivated, and a super hero who cares only enough to continue in her serendipitous pursuits and follies.

    Cast a different sit-com second, or third, banana to accompany you, and you'd have built-in kitsch and cool factors.

    Take to the big screen Oona, we're overdue for some genuine entertainment.

    The man fan who wishes you came in male, gay, and with an action figure clad in your "neoprene phase"

    1. I am going to have to print out, embellish in gold, and frame this in sparkly lights. I will then throw glitter on it every evening before bed, and one morning I'll wake up and IT'LL BE TRUE.

  2. I love this so much! I particularly enjoyed the mask that also hasha hiding nook for your amazing hair.


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