my man is man enough for mauve

and apparently lilac pink as well.

i was going for lavender, i swear! the little behr paint chip announced itself as "pearl violet". on 2 out of 3 walls, it lied. the interior decorator i met at the depot whilst waiting anxiously for the paint to mix was trying to be very supportive. but she couldn't hide her grimace of TERROR when i told her it was for the living room.

it kind of matches the blog, doesn't it?

is that a good thing?


  1. What do interior decorators know? They play it safe because they fear criticism and lack creativity. They are stuck INSIDE the box! They can't even wrap their minds around the box no less think outside of it!

    The same CHERRY WOOD CABINETS in every kitchen. The same NEUTRAL COLORS on every wall in every home. The same color coordinated SAFE PRINTS on the furniture. Their constant insistence on repeating the same safe themes and colors in every room.

    I like pearl violet. And they've always been two of my favorite names too.

    Do you know what pearls are made of? A substance called nacre. Don't believe me? Check out Wiki (and be sure to click on the photo of the inlay with nacre tesserae from Istanbul -- isn't that color on the wall around it the same color as your living room?)


    What do interior decorators know? NOTHING! And they have NOTHING on you, baby! NOTHING!

    [/End interior decorator rant] :)


    ( and i am going to check out nacre in the AM)

    love, oona to the b

  3. You could make seasonal paint changes, this being your Spring palette. And to make it extra fun, you can only choose colors from the Oops area.

  4. eeeeeeeeeeek... I LOVE IT!

    it only took me 6 hours to paint the room, i could deal with that 4 times a year.

  5. Oh I think pink has its charms... But don't get too matchy matchy cause this is only a small step away from insanity and buying pink toilet paper or similarly unnecessary stuff...

  6. Pearl violet is a scrumptious name. I like the color in your pic and your place is so cool.
    Paint four times a year????
    Surely you jest!!!

  7. geri...even WORSE... i spent 5 hours painting our faux fireplace about 12 different colors, like it was a coloring book. none matching. it didn't work.

    and come on mom, you've met me! i could paint 4 times a MONTH, if given the proper time and medication!

  8. Oh I think meds are more on the oops
    side. You may need to redo the colour afterwards and get over your pensum of 4 times...

  9. I thought it matched the blog. :-) Well, our kitchen has orange walls with green used in most of the rest. The orange was custom mixed by my sister's previous roommate & her dad. And it looks great. Nothing bad about unexpected colours.

  10. i SO want to paint my kitchen orange and green now...

  11. Great! I'll take some pictures and post them on my blog for you, OK? ;-)

  12. oh yes please! i would love to see that, and you can expect my "oops" kitchen about 4 hours after i see your wonderful colors...


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