saturday slackin'!

well, actually i haven't slacked today, especially after 3 shots of espresso at the BEST COFFEE SHOP EVER: intelligentsia.

but i have blogilly slacked. i was supposed to do five nifty thrifty posts this week, a very cool idea from casey at elegant musings, but i slacked. so in order to atone for said slacking, here in one fell swoop are my SEVEN thrifty finds! egads!

they are, in order:
1.a little red metal stool from wertz antiques in santa monica
2. my tree frog painting from a yard sale i stopped at after dance class one shiny sunday morning
3. little wooden birdie from the lovely ladies at the council for jewish women thrift shop
4. measuring cups that i NEVER use to measure ANYTHING, found at a surreal garage sale by a pool...
5. fabulous thread holder that used to actually be a printing house type-letter holder, also garage sale
6. chair (green like my CAOK one!) bought at a house sale through craigslist from a danish couple moving to paris
7. iron heavy enough to kill a small bear, but which does not hold water. do i care? no! estate sale.

if you know me you know that i am very fond of announcing the price of anything i am complimented on in lieu of actually saying "thank you". i have even been known to shout out the price, no previous compliments necessary. i thought this time it might be fun for YOU to guess the price (like, all 6 of you, but who's counting?) the person that comes closest to the actual total paid for all 7 items will win a thrifty prize! so guess away... winner announced, oh, i don't know, let's say friday.

i'm off to eat some burmese food :)


  1. Goodness, you're cute!
    I have found myself over at Burdastyle actually LOOKING for you to post things so I can comment on how great they are!

    I, too, announce the price of everything. There's something about it that offers camaradarie, maybe...Like, "oh, you can obtain such wonders too... my fine ability to own things is not so out of reach for you, my new comrade, for it is in the finding, not the paying!"

    I don't know. I do know that I'm blatantly ignoring my tedious Sunday responsibility of listening to endless hours of droning audiobooks to pick 'samples' for my 'reel'. I'm not a very good listener. I'd rather be sewing! Or guessing the prices of your finds.

    I'll procrastinate a bit longer by figuring out what kind of punctuation I am. I also have a fun photo quiz for you.

    Thanks for the break! I think I'll have to seek you out here if you won't post new creations for me to compliment on over at burda!

    Lauren :-)

  2. I LOVE that chair!! How do you find all that good stuff?? I will guess $100. total though I do think all of your finds are worth much more.

  3. lauren, my east coast homie! you have put it PERFECTLY. it is all about sharing the glory of goods found and goods in hiding... i'm working on something very owlish at the moment and i'm ready to post, like, 4 things at burdastyle next week. but i hope you continue to seek me out here :) by the way, i search for YOUR stuff! cate a la lauren is my next project...

    remember, mom, i am QUITE thrifty... okay, as a hint towards the total for all those guessing, i paid a whopping $3 for that magnificent chair. I KNOW! that's all the hint i'll give. which is not to say that i didn't spend more on other items... i really have no qualms about nicknacks costing more than furniture. care to edit your guess?

  4. Hm I will take part just for the fun. Don't bother about a price - remember there are oceans between us...
    I guess 27. Kind of weird guess but it is an authentic guess, if you know what I mean. Although I first thought 17.
    You can use your measure cups to measure your coffee consumption maybe? It is kind of chic to say - I had 234 ml of coffee today.
    My favourites are the chair and the thread holder - you have some hot thread colours there!

  5. wonderful finds! that chair is incredible!

  6. What a neat bunch of stuff, Oona! I love that chair! I can't believe you got it for only $3. I was thinking at least $15. I guess I wouldn't be very good at the thrifty shopping thing.

    Since the chair was soooo far below my original estimate I'm guessing you paid $18.50 for everything. But, knowing you, that's probably too high!

  7. Ok, I didn't know it was a combined guess. I was stressing about guessing each piece! I guess $20 then. Maybe $20.50. No, $20. No, $20.50 because I think you paid $.50 for the frog drawing. And yes, I did come up with a formula. The table was the most expensive, followed by the iron..in my professional opinion. I think the prize should be the cups. I covet thy measuring cups.

  8. I love telling people how much I pay for things I got a good bargain on. I found people up here in SF do not do this so often as they do from where I come from (Minnesota), so there is often a sort of awkward silence after I announce that I got my awesome (and so in-style-now) plaid shoes on uber clearance at old navy for $5.
    I also covet those measuring cups. They are so cute. I would drink all the coffee from them.
    My guess for the whole stash is $23. I think the bird and the type holder cost the most.

  9. I had the chair at $30! So, I'll take it down now to a total of $39 I love the green chair match and magical measuring cups also.
    -Mary Robin (can't remember my pssword!)

  10. oh my god you guys are giving me a thrifty complex... EEK! perhaps i've led you astray with the $3 chair...

  11. I was gonna guess $29.50--NC prices--but now I'm thinking...let's say $37.50. My favorite is the red table/stool. Oh, and the red birdie, too. I do love red...

  12. The like the little birdie too. The little birdie's eyes remind me of Hillary Clinton. 8)

    Don't get a thrift complex, Oona. Thrift is good. I wish I'd practiced it more with my children. ;)

    My guess stands at $18.50!

  13. Oops. I meant "I like the little birdie too" :p

    Why doesn't this blog thing have an edit function for us functional illiterates?

  14. $3.00 !!! What a sin.
    Okay I will revise my $100. guess to $36.00 even.

  15. I'm saying 24, just because I like that number. :-) And I know that thriftyness perfectly... having bought a great skirt without a single flaw (except being slightly tight for me) for 10 CZK and telling everyone, I know very well. :D


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