flying high, flying low

there have been very many ups and downs in the past few weeks. i will not bore you with the details, as i have bored myself silly for a full 180 seconds typing and deleting. (i have a very short attention span for boredom.) these pics were taken in between a low and a high, but who's counting?

i'm on the ground now, and it is currently hotter than jesus in LA. so hot that i can't think of much else to type. so hot that i must go to bed right this very minute. and so i shall. but you can expect several tons of creativity in the next few weeks.

sweet dreams!


  1. Ouch. Hot. It's hot here, too, and I'm blessing the whoever built our 200-years-old house with thick, thick walls. The heat has one advantage, though: there was a lot of laundry to be done and this way it gets dry very quickly.
    I wish you sweet dreams and a lot of imagination and creativity coming to you!

  2. Oh Oona, sorry to hear about the lows. Hope you on a high (a non medicated one, off course)now. Heat means beer. Cold beer. A lot of it. In Europe is soccer tournament and we are all drinking beer and watching soccer every evening. And there is no sleep, cause always is someone winning and being loud on the street at night. Would you imagine I am passionate about soccer? We all are somehow...
    I bore myself very quickly too... I think that makes me a bit annoying for my friends in a way ;)

  3. hmm... those clouds are very Flash Gordon and Xanadu :)

  4. well hana, as i have about 6 loads to do, maybe i should wish for the heat to return...

    geri, i hope your team won!

    i STILL haven't seen xanadu. am i going to love it as much as flash (aah-aaaah)?

  5. Wow, those are awesome shots, just beautiful!!
    Have you tried Peroni beer yet? You just might like it.

  6. i actually took these cause i know you'll never get on a plane again, and i thought you should see the view.

    i'll try a peroni if you try a little flight...


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