my pops is tops

r has not seen his dad on father's day since he can't remember when, and i haven't been away from my dad on father's day since i can't remember when. and since r's dad got crepes (savory and sweet) in person, i'm sending my dad a drink through the magic of the intra-net.

THE VESPER (bond's martini)

in a shaker, combine:
three measures of gordon's gin (bond says gordon... we like plymouth)
one measure of vodka
half a measure of lillet
five cubes of ice

shake (godsakes, don't stir!) very well until it's ice-cold, pour, and add a large thin slice of lemon peel (use that little zester tool i gave you).

DRINK. and wish yourself a happy father's day from yo' alkie daughter.

(ps: more on where the hell i've been tomorrow) (edit: this weekend.)


  1. We're always together, on Father's Day and every day, no matter where you are.

    Thanks for the drink!
    Big Daddy Bond

  2. Woo hoo, cool drink Oona. Gotta try one of those in place of my regular summertime gin and tonic. Sounds so refreshing and cool.

  3. We got to get us some Lillet before August but not too early or it will all certainly be gone before then. Then we got to have us a MARTINI TASTING based on that excellent NYT article.

    I am sure the rest, as they say, will be historical.

    Our gin here at home is Bombay Sapphire but I'd definitely be willing to try Plymouth and Old Raj!

  4. A RESOUNDING YES! we MUST have a martini tasting. we had our bond drink last night, i hope you both had a refreshing drink on the patio as well.

  5. ps: we'll toast our impending celebrations tonight with some prosecco.

  6. (MrsBowles from BurdaStyle)
    Yea! I have a bottle of Lillet in the fridge. Looking forward to trying this recipe...but...I wanted to suggest to you, since you are a gin-appreciator, that you try Sarticious Gin from a small distillery up in Santa Cruz. Wonderful, unique flavors. And I've actually found it at Bev Mo.

  7. hiya libby! any appreciator of alcohol is most welcome here. i will definitely try that sarticious, how cool to have a local gin... hope you are enjoying a vesper.


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