what had happened was.....

march? really?

but it was just christmas, and i was in snowy new york, in the middle of hundreds of people flying around city streets...


  1. Welcome back! I'm hoping to see some more sewing, you're fantastic, and I've flicked through most of your archives since you've been away from blogland!

    Take care!

  2. Nice to see you again!
    But you're right, lately time feels like flying, I also can't believe it's already March and I still have my winter coat fabric waiting! Shame on me!

  3. oh myyyyyyyyyy welcome backkkkk i miss you!

  4. She's BACK!
    Nice artwork there :o)

  5. Did you leave our city...?
    Boo hiss!
    But, I forgive you because, what in heavens name kind of cheery yellow pins are those? I've never seen such delightful pin-age.

  6. Ha! I missed you as well! But I didn't do much in the meantime as well. And those pins are really great. :-)

  7. thanks everybody... i can see the title of my next post having something to do with "april, really?!"

    those pins are from joann's, i think they were a buck. i mostly use them for decoration, though, as the points are the size of stalagmites.

    more sewing soon, i finished a bunch of stuff soon to be photographed :)

  8. Can't wait either. :-) I suppose I should fill the waiting time by sewing myself... spring inspires me. And tells me I need new clothes. :D


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