i swear i'm still here

as evidenced by my sporadic comments on other peeps' blogs...

but i have to come out of the woodwork to give a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to big daddy! here's the patch of east coast sky i'll be seeing today, big daddy. hope you are sitting under it with a gin & tonic. love, oona.


  1. Hi Oona! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. Eileen and I each had a very tall, very refreshing gin and tonic tonight under our own patch of east coast sky -- although our patch of sky doesn't have quite as rare a vantage point as yours. :)

    We anticipate more drinks in the near future. ;)

    Can't wait until then! :D

    Love you, Oona!


i thankya truly for taking the time to comment, i love a good conversation-- and hope you know my thanks are always implied, if not always written!