the first time ever i saw your :burdastyle book: face

three years ago i was sitting in a little tree house apartment in LA, stuck in the middle of a town obsessed with itself, about to pull my hair out (and i've got a LOT of hair), searching for something to do that had nothing to do with lalaland. equipped with a featherweight sewing machine, a dress form, vintage spools of rainbow thread and the misty memory of sewing a large stuffed pig back in the 6th grade, i set out on what i assumed would be a futile search for free patterns on the internet. i had resigned myself to making the ever present throw pillow.

i think i actually gasped when i stumbled across burdastyle. i raced to hook up the printer, and like the pack rat i am downloaded everything they had. i was terrified to tape my first pattern together. i didn't know how to convert inches to centimeters (seriously). i think i only had a godzilla size 18 machine needle. two days later, my first dress, a sleeveless danielle, was done up in joann's quilter's cotton. (i know! but it came in so many happy and bright kalkatroonan colors...)

it's safe to say i wouldn't be sewing garments today without burdastyle. i heart burdastyle. and i don't care who knows it. oooooh, wellz, okay actually i guess i DO cause they asked me to be a part of their very first burdastyle book! and so lotsa peeps will know it and it makes me dance around in gLeE!

rachel, our fearless project manager and all around cool chick, gave me two pattern choices, and i got my first pick of a beautiful blouse pattern by alison. in true burdastyle fashion, you're meant to build on the patterns and change them up. (the lovely nora says it much better than i can.) i had to sketch out the variations i'd make (another first burdastyle pushed me into, i've never sketched on a croquis before and now i LOVE it). i can't tell you which variation they chose, because it's still secret, but i CAN show you the most amazing bamboo jersey i get to work with, from britex fabrics --->

(apparently, when i do occasionally choose solid colors, i go for green.)
and now, it's time to finally break my new vintage serger in...
thank you burdastyle! you make me happy!

 are you doing the book too? i'd love to know!


  1. Argh! What an amazingly cool project, I'm sooooo jealous!!! I can't wait to see your contribution to it... And buy the book! Any idea of publishing date at this stage? Wow, so awesome, congratulations on getting asked to participate!

  2. No, I'm not doing the book, because with my sewing rate, I'd be cutting the pattern when the book is being published...
    But wow, you're making it, that's great! I'm afraid I'll have to put aside some money for the book. :D

  3. thanks emilykate & hana! i think it's not till 2011, which seems like forever... but then i can't believe it's been 3 years since joining burdastyle. hopefully it won't be 3 years before i finish the pattern...

  4. That's so awesome. Congrats! It sounds like a great book, and a really fun project.

  5. Ah, I was wondering which option you got! I think the blouse was my third choice, so I didn't exactly run away screaming from that one. :D And that jersey looks yummy. (Bamboo jersey feels pretty yummy too... I have a couple of shirts that I made out of the same piece, and they are sooooooo comfy!) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with...or as much as I can before the book comes out, anyway!

  6. me! I'm doing it too. I'm working on a skirt :)

  7. love the meepmeeps! just reread this post, how duid I miss that you now have a vintage serger!!! Need to know allaboutit!!!


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