with apologies to those who suffered... I LOVED MY BURDASTYLE BOOK PROJECT

as you know, since moving back into it, our home has showed its intense dislike of us leaving it for three years by acting like a small child throwing a large tantrum. a surprisingly strong child breaking everything in its path. i think we may need to buy our home a pony to make amends. this kid also did not care that i was recuperating; we had to unexpectedly vacate the premises for a week to get away from the toxic fumes that would finish the job (it sounds like we're killing the child, really we're not), so i suddenly found myself in a sewing predicament. of course i hadn't begun my burdastyle book project. so i packed as much of my studio as i could into a bag, and we jetted to r's mom's house on top of a mountain.

relaxation-wise, this was the best thing that could have happened. i mean, this was my view:

joke's on YOU, kid!

sewing-wise (complete with Deadline), it was maybe the most stressful thing that could have happened. but wait: enter the computerized machine...

and every inch of sewing stress flew out the window to play happily with the flocks of hummingbirds buzzing on the deck.

i know! what?! i haz fallen in love with a new fangled computer-marized machine! i swear i wasn't trying to cheat on my vintage guy, but i couldn't lug my kenmore along with me, and well, who knew? on the day i met this fancy stranger, ruggy laughed dismissively when i found i could lift it, one handed, without bending my knees. cause vintage sewers know it has to weigh at least 80 pounds to work.

joke's on me.

this machine is all kinds of awesome. it automatically threads the needle. it politely lets you know what foot, stitch length and width you should be using. it always leaves the needle in the down position. an LED light saves your eyes. the bobbin is in full clear view. it does eight thousand stitches. i mean, IT HAS A STRETCH STITCH, FOR GOD SAKES!

i didn't know this stitch existed. would you look at how purty that is? and the seams fall nice and flat. this shot is pre-pressing, which took 5 seconds. i didn't have to worry it with an iron for half an hour, as i'm very used to doing with my kenny. 

as far as my project went, i loved the process from start to finish. i've been reading a lot about peeps who had issues... didn't like their fabric, had to buy notions, wanted to just get it over with... but i had a really excellent time. it didn't hurt that i received pretty much all i needed: the most perfect 70s shades of luscious bamboo stretch jersey and matching thread. if i was making a bag or a coat and had to buy my own notions and lining, i would admittedly have been peeved. yes, there were challenges, and my head hurt from time to time... my two shades of green were different weights, so matching up seam ends took some trickery, and creating my variation required a LOT more math than expected (r's mom punched numbers into a calculator while i counted hash marks on a ruler... in the end we both threw up our hands and i cut away).

i wish i could show you the Best Thing I've Ever Sewn, but that has to wait till next year. i can tell you that i abandoned part of my variation: a hood, upon realizing it would turn my sleek creation into something you might wear in an elfin battle.

oh, and speaking of battles, Kid Home is not done yet. we came back to find that the kitchen had flooded. 

i really have to get that pony.


  1. Hehehe. Maybe make a detachable hood so you can play elfin battles on ponyback :o) or um, polo in the kitchen- ARGH!
    If you're into woo-woo stuff, I heard about this thing called 'smudging' with herbs which you can do to your house to get rid of gremliny vibes.

  2. Hey, people in elfin battles need to be fashionably dressed, too. ;)

    And I didn't hate my project. I actually enjoyed working on it, for the most part. I just wasn't quite as happy with the finished product as I'd hoped, but am hoping that it's just me being overly perfectionist and everyone else will think it's awesome.

  3. I hope your house is like Jaxon -- and the tantrums are a phase. Must. Appease. House.

  4. i am laughing out loud at ALL of this!

    and woo-WOOT, i forgot all about smudging; i'm doing that tonight...

    cause guess who just spent an hour cleaning the new bedroom windows only to watch as her super sprayed the dirty water from the front stoop directly onto them.

  5. Hm... a pony might not work. I mean, you might end up having to take care of it yourself...
    It'd have to be something else. Like a big cheesecake or something. Something you CAN take care of yourself if the house decides it doesn't want to be appeased... :D

  6. that would be just like my house, to beg for a pony and then make me take care of it. you are quite right, hana. wine it is!

  7. I know if I get a computerized machine, it's over! My kenmore isn't old school, but it aint new either. Same with the DVR. I was so against having it, but as soon as I found out I could record AND watch another show AT THE SAME TIME, well now I'm singing it's praises. Of course, I'll be cursing it if the power goes out!

    I can't wait to see what you made. When the planets align like that for you, something wonderful has to come out of it.

  8. Whoohey, congratulations! I can't wait to see it, I totally loved your recent green creation when I saw it on Burdastyle (I'll check it out here too. after this), I wish I was a bit better at sewing like I think you do, a bit more wild and free. I'll do my best to :-).
    Oh, and I have to agree with you, I think I have Burdastyle to thank for sewing. I did sew before I found them, but they helped me end a very long period of no sewing, so I do owe them big time and heart them much.
    One great place it is.

  9. Your fabric looks great! I enjoyed sewing the coat, but not 100% as I hate deadlines, thick fabrics...etc...BurdaStyle had all of us work like crazy for this book, it better be great!

  10. Hey Oona, a little birdie told me it's your birthday--Happy Birthday to You, hope you're out and about having fun! An Etsy package is on its way to you!

  11. straight pins
    curiously peeking
    cleverly plotting
    escape the plastic cup!

    all carefully measured
    precisely arranged
    perfect rows in the rough

    anxiously awaiting
    a stitch
    in time
    your creative touch

    I can't wait to see The Best Thing You've Ever Sewn, Oona!

    Big Daddy


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