this can't stay buried in the comments:

straight pins
curiously peeking
cleverly plotting
escape the plastic cup!

all carefully measured
precisely arranged
perfect rows in the rough

anxiously awaiting
a stitch
in time
your creative touch

- Big Daddy
in response to this post


  1. Oona... as we haven't figured out what you're getting in the swap yet... I have a series of questions that demand a quick answer.
    Do you have shoe size 7/40? Do you mind higher heels? Do you want these New Look shoes?
    They have them in a local second-hand shop. I tried them on and the heels were too high for my comfort, so I bought another pair. And THEN, after I got home, I thought you might like them, too, and maybe not mind the heels.
    (That's a picture I found on e-bay and re-coloured, because I, stupid, did not have my camera with me at the shop. So they're not really that shiny. But I'm quite sure it's the same shoes, in yellow.)

  2. Who knew?? Big Daddy is quite the poet! Cool poem, BD!
    Always wondered how those pins found their way out of the container. I think they are on the move at night.

  3. It's great! I think it's a haiku!
    My daddy's poems are all limericks, and quite vulgar!

  4. I think it's haikus, too.
    Of course, I've never been good with the theory of poetry (I failed the exam three times!), but it has the air of haiku around it. Very nice poem, really!

    I bought the shoes, so you don't have to hurry that much with the answer, but you still should, or I'll keep them for myself without waiting for your answer for much longer. I figured, either you'll take them, or I'll have the heels shortened, or I'll learn how to walk in them. Either way I win.
    Proper photos coming later.

  5. E: yes, the pins would be like little elves! at night they could work on the things i'm stuck on. actually, i woke up this morning wondering where to put the invisible zip on a new dress... and then found i'd already done it. i REALLY don't remember doing it ...

    emilykate, this is a departure for the big D. he is quite fond of the dirty limerick. he paid a lot of attention to how it scanned, he won't tell you, but he's a musician :)

    hana, i LOVE the shoes but i think my feet are too big!!! i'm a size 8... although the euro conversion says a 40 equals a 9.... ? i love those shoes!!!

  6. Ah, I knew you'd love them!
    They're approx. 27 cm long. (I thought my measuring tape had inches on the other side, but no, it's probably some kind of Chinese measure! :O )
    A Czech table I found claims yet other sizes and measurements, so I suppose it's best this way... But the table also, very helpfully, suggests tracing the outline of your foot and measuring the longest part to figure out the length of your feet.
    The shoes are just the right length for me (tried on) and my foot, measured the suggested way, is about 26,5 cm (while, measured directly on foot, it's 25 cm).
    But there's the unusual height of the heels. I feel like a ballet dancer in them! Plus I sort of stumble. The heels are about 9 cm high, at least 3 cm more than I'm used to...
    They look different in different lights... in the dim light of the shop I thought they were just very, very, very, very slightly tinged to green, while in full daylight they look like a very nice, warm, light, pastelly yellow.
    The right shoe is a bit damaged - some scratches on the front and a dent on the back of the heel. Photos:
    With all this info accumulated, I could just as well try to sell them online or something. XD

    If your feet are really too big, I could also send you some traced 1930s or 1940s patterns. Size not guaranteed, instructions minimal or none. Traced, because even if I wanted to, I could not send you the originals - they're in sewing magazines my fabulous crafty and artsy aunt lent me. But I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sending you traced patterns.

  7. yay shoes! i'm heading to your blog...

    the internet is so cool.


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