8am, saturday morning


(our door buzzer goes off like a klaxon alarm signaling the end of the world.  i hear ruggy opening the equally abrasive front door as i lie dreamily in bed, having only been under covers since 3am)

(i hear two sets of feet enter the living room)

(my eyes fly open as i fully wake: THEY MISSED THEIR FLIGHTS!!! THEY'RE BACK, THEY'RE BACK!!!  I MUST POUR COFFEE!!!)

(as i fling myself joyfully out of bed, ruggy appears with coffee and tells me the repairmen are here)

(the men are still here, plastering some cracks in the ceiling that were supposed to be fixed nine months ago)


i saw meg (bearer of that fabulous bag pictured above which so perfectly fits my mood right now) & debi off last night (yesterday morning, to be exact) at around 2am, after we finished a little sew weekly surprise with mena. we stalled on stuffing their suitcases with the day's finds as long as we could.  i expected to spend saturday morning coffee time uploading pics and giving y'all a recap before heading into my bridesmaid / multiple baby shower duties, but instead i'm moving furniture, and watching paint dry.  literally.  

it is 1:30.  the men are now done.  they have left behind a fine coating of plaster dust over EVERYTHING.

my saturday plans, it would seem, have changed drastically.  luckily i have meetup memories to keep me happy. i'll share them soon... y'all, it was so frigging awesome.   what a great bunch of peeps to spend friday with!   thank you to everyone who joined us!


  1. Love the bag. Looking forward to pictures. And coffee... yes, lovely coffee...

  2. wow. 3am! i don't think i could have made it--i was all over paper cuts from pattern drafting from about 10 minutes after i left you until about 10pm, when i fell into bed, feet still sore from all that fabric shopping you weren't supposed to be doing! :-)

  3. oOoOoOoOo I cannot WAIT to see photos of you all! *love/gush*

    xoxo and did I see that the Spanish Harlem theme is your influence? (popped by Kazz's blog today!) I have my fingers and toes crossed that I got the right vibe on this one, because I pretty much made it up! xoxo

  4. So wonderful to hear that you guys had such a wonderful time! And, I can't wait to hear more details. Do dish soon, please!

  5. Love the bag---glad I'm not alone in the "I hope they missed their flights" sentiment ;).

    Can't wait to see the photos---or can I? I WILL be filled with envy...


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