thread palette no. 3

there's not much sewing going on here, as i'm coordinating emails and places and, umm, technicolor fake flowers. because a big blogger meetup always needs fake flowers.

but you can find me sewing away at a couple other places at the moment: karen of did you make that? has given me ugly amnesty for a particularly horrible tunic a la rainbow brite.  i think she may have been inebriated when she bestowed that honor.  however, her write up is absolutely hilarious and quick witted, so maybe she just holds her liquor really well.

god i like her.

i'm off to do more coordinating.  peeps!  if you've requested info for friday, and haven't received an email from me yet, holler in the comments!  it seems some emails have been eaten by the interwebz...


  1. I'm so sad that I can't make it friday being 10 hours away. :(

    Wish you all loads of fun and I expect pictures!

  2. Karen's post just brightened my day with a MUCH NEEDED laugh! And so did your Sew Weekly post. Now that I know fake flowers are acceptable, I'm going all out on Friday!

  3. loved the ugly amnesty, oona - you're the most entertaining sewingness in the blogosphere!

    Also, I thought I would not able to join - my girls were sick, but in case you read it today, could you send me the details - I would have an hour or so... :-)



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