though today should mark the completion of OWOP, i missed one day in the beginning, so you'll be getting what i consider to be the piece de resistance tomorrow.  of course, i'll be on a plane, and a plane is no place for a silk sundress in my opinion (oh yes!  c'est silk!) but it will give me something nice to do while i'm at the airport.  you'll excuse me, yes?  'kaythanksyou'retheBEST!

however!  aujourd'hui, it's my only restyle for the week, and it is MOST DEFINITELY polyester.  as it was first worn as a skirt on my day one OWOP, my right brain pondered saving it for tomorrow to close out the circle... how neat and tidy that would be...  but i wore this today in my quest for some black (or at least something in the vicinity of  black), figuring these colors would keep me happy.  so, truth in advertising, and all.

i kind of look like i'm wearing a wig.  people actually ask me that, you know.  "i love your hair."  "oh thank you."  "is it yours?"  then sometimes, as an added bonus, they pull it.  i guess i can't blame them.  quite a mop, there.

le maxi skirt becomes le strapless dress.  this spandexy stuff is quite forgiving, so it doesn't give you muffintop round the bustage when pulled up.  hooray for man made stretch!

here's some more innards porn for you.  i miss my maniacal serger!

good god almighty get that girl some hand cream.  do you beat the hell out of your hands?   how do you sewists with a fascination for polish do it?

dress:  pr's gathered sundress, bottom portion only, modified
belt:  vintage ruggian poppa
earrings:  marshall's
necklace:  the MOMA store (thanks sis!)
shoes: aerosoles (but i'd rather the yellow clarks meg has up today.)

tequila manhattan (a riff on day one's OWOP drink.  tequila is an upper!)
tequila,  2 oz
sweeth vermouth,  1 oz
bitters,  1 dash
lime wedge
in a shaker, stir with ice (do not shake) and strain into glass.  garnish with lime wedge.

ps: thanks again for the thoughts. been too busy to get back to you, but y'all rock.


  1. Sweet stripes! Love this look on you!

  2. FuN! And great restyle (strapless is another look I like to admire on other people... ;)

    Good luck with the plain and all those other things. And the black.

    I also trash my hands and haven't kept a manicure intact for more than five minutes since I was nineteen. I keep hearing good things about that new shellac stuff, but it kinda scares me.

    1. the shellac is horrifying to me as well.... like treating your hands as bathroom tile or something...

  3. You do have really fabulous hair. They're all probably just jealous. ;)

  4. I can't believe people have the nerve to pull your hair--at least without asking your permission first!! Sheesh!

    I have no idea how people keep their hands looking nice. Mine always look awful, but some days (like this past week) are worse than others.

    Fun dress!

    1. usually permission is requested as hands reach to snag...

  5. You should hide something sharp in there, then they'll get a real surprise! Crazies. True story: 6 mo old little lavi being pushed through the aisles of the grocery store by mumsy. stranger walks up and yanks on little lavi's black mop of hair, insisting mumsy is a horrible parent for making her child wear a wig.

    I can't keep polish looking good for even a day, but I love me some cocoa butter & neutrogena norwegian formula (don't tell, it's so not natch).

  6. Oh my! What a week you've had! I'm sorry about the bad and the sad.

    PS - At some point you should consider changing Drinklog to Drinkalong, which is what I always (gleefully) see at first glance. ;-)

  7. I love this dress! So perfectly summery. (I think I might have to copy it.) Hehe, I'm always worried about showing my hands in photos up close, they are so garden-dirty all the time ;).


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