get in the limo: meg, THE GRAND!

ah, meg, always grand.  fittingly of meg the grand.  if i need a smile, i just remember the flurry of  103 emails that debi meg & i shot back and forth across the globe, planning a meetup.  i miss them both like mad.  get in the limo, meg!  shout us a tale!

Friends, when darling Oona asked me to be in her Promaballoona limo, how could I refuse?! I love proms. I started planning on my Senior Prom when I was a Junior in high school.  Prom was a big thing in my corner of Ohio, especially because I went to an all girls Catholic high school. Dances with people other than our fathers? AWESOMESAUCE.  

(Not to say that the Father-Daughter dances weren't epic.  Nobody before or since has "strolled" as well as the Grands, y'all.)  

Since I like to make plans, I invited my best friend, Brad, to my Senior prom during my Junior year of high school. Brad was, and still is, a riot and I knew we would have a great time. My boyfriend at the time was not pleased that I already had a date for my school dance, but I was stubborn and didn't budge (BEST.DECISION.EVER.)  Just for fun, I decided to find the cheapest dress I could that had the most personality.  And covered my bosom.  That's important at a Catholic all girl school dance. That and passing the breathalyzer test so you could get into the dance - these were very important things.

My dress had a navy satin bodice with piles of tulle and fake flowers sewn all over it.  That's how I bought it.  I was totally sold on the epic fake flower bunches and the fact that it was only $30.  

A few weeks before the prom, we voted in homeroom for homecoming court.  Each homeroom had a representative on the court, which meant eight girls could be picked out of the 250 in our class.  As we were listing out who we thought in our homeroom should be on court, my friend, Erin, leaned over to ask me if I wanted to be on court.  I said, "Sure!" And sure enough, I ended up on prom court.

I didn't win, but I had a great time with my fabulous date, who was all for posing with "the Freshmaker"

The best part of these dances were the huge group pictures of all the theatre people present.  We all did theatre together at the all boy school, since they did more risque plays like "Grease" and "Bye Bye Birdie."  I'm totally serious.  I didn't want to do plays like "Sound of Music" and "Peter Pan" so I went to the boy school where I could be the old woman/Italian old woman/British woman/old British woman.  I liked playing older women - they were more interesting.

As crazy as these dances were, they were nothing compared to the oh so fabulous after parties at my house.  We played poker.  Not strip poker, but I think there may have been pennies or nickels involved.  Totally clean cut fun, I swear!  

I have no idea who I am lying on top of, but I can tell they are male and that is my basement.  Totally clean cut fun, I swear!

Ah, but time goes by ... but the awesomeness of prom (and Promaballoona) remains!  To celebrate this epic event, I took my handsome date out on the town for some strolling...

some dancing....

and some celebrating of the great and fantastic OONA!!!  Happy Birthday, darling!  

thank you tremendous meg, and oh so dashing rob!!!! I AM JONESING YOUR RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME DRESS! i feel another meetup is in order... and ruggy is feeling underdressed now that there's another contender for prom king in the limo.  i may have to separate the men.

by the way, anyone surprised that meg was on homecoming court?  or posed with mentos?  OR TOOK A BREATHALYZER TEST?!


  1. Oh, wow, amazing photos. I love that you went out on a special date for Oona's birthday prom.

  2. another great look back at our high school years. Meg, I love your blue dress and I love your Mentos photo even more!

  3. Oh, man. These photos are so great, and the stories are so fun. I am starting to feel maybe the teensiest bit regretful that I spent that time out in the soccer field with the stoners instead of going to prom. Meg, you're so gorgeous in your prom photos then and now! Blue is definitely your color. Thanks for sharing all the fun!

  4. what is amazing about these pictures is how obvious it is that the current coolness of meg is just the awesome extension of the coolness that was always there :-)

    and meg and rob are looking HOT in their datewear.

  5. Tell Ruggy that him and his Thor-like locks better bring it, cause I'm coming for him.

  6. Great photos, both old and new! Also, basement poker? Oooh, saucy! :)

  7. Those are some fantastic pictures, especially the pile of people masquerading as a puppy litter! Love both dresses, too, and I definitely think you need to be on the court for Promaballoona too!

  8. Um- you know what they say about Catholic school girls... Seriously I love Meg's sweet prom pics, and her Promballoona dress is fantastic, the print is deevine!!

  9. Nothing about Meg's prom experience surprises me!! You would have to have been as awesome as you were when I met you, back then!! You look like you had a blast!

    I love the dress you made for Promaballoona, too!! You and Rob look fantastic!

  10. Not surprised by ANY of these facts! I didn't think this was possible, but I think I love Meg even MORE after reading this post!

  11. I love the Mentos. That made my day.


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