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My favorite way to eat is to appetize. Meaning we order every appetizer on the menu, have them all come at once, and stare at the bounty before us in open mouthed delight. This is also called tapas, but in New York tapas is really entree priced plates at appetizer portions. So I don't do tapas.

I like a smorgasbord in my beliefs as well, but right now Mercury Retrograde can go take a long walk off a short pier. Technical problems galore can happen when that planet gets to doing the moonwalk, and I'm known to fritz electronics under the best of circumstances (I had a great aunt who fritzed anything she touched, and who could not be photographed. Just Didn't. Show. Up. COOL.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo, that's my long winded, thinly connected way of saying a bunch of your lovely comments have made their way to spam folders, and my post from yesterday, a silk brocade ensemble, never made it to Bloglovin or Feedly. So, apologies if this is a repeat for some, but if you'd like to see a Zac Posen circle skirt with a side order of a crop top destined for the seam ripper, order up here


  1. I really do not mind having a repeat of that gorgeous skirt! IT'S SO PRETTY AND TWIRLY! I love it!

  2. I'm going to flip it *and* reverse it, if it's all the same with you

  3. I just blame stuff like that on the bad weather. Or my husband. Same difference.

  4. Strange. I got your post via Bloglovin?? WTF?

    I didn't comment however on the skirt of wonderful fabulousness. If I had any hope of fitting into it, I would be planning a way of stealing it from you. As it is, I think I was born larger than you are now, so you and your skirt are safe from me.

  5. HA! I hate it when stupid Mercury goes retrograde! I had a few technical mishaps this last time around as well. Also - so cool about your Aunt! One of the board members where I work is like that - any time he comes by the office I swear all our electronics go berserk! Also, impossible to get in touch with him because technology just DOES. NOT. WORK for him! We send smoke signals instead...

    Still in love with this skirt...

    1. and i reconfirmed the story with my parents this weekend. we're electrical in some sense, right? am i crazy? isn't that science of some sort?

  6. I'll look at the fabulousness of that skirt again! And again. And AGAIN!!! Just don't get a bunch of appetizers on it. :)

  7. I LOVE the skirt. Unfortunately, brocade doesn't go with my lifestyle. [sigh]


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