Threads Magazine, Diana Vreeland, 'n Me

It's been six months since I joined the Threads Digital Ambassador team. What? You didn't hear? You mean to tell me I just threw that little blue badge up on the sidebar and never properly hollered about it RIGHT HERE IN MY OWN LIVING ROOM? 

Like most of us, my hold on reality has been screwed on about as tight as it will go, so, I'll save you that sob story of a full plate and no time. I have, however, been hollering about it over on Ye Olde Instagram, in the middle of slam sewing, zooms, shooting videos for The Handmade Harriells, and the usual slew of auditions. Oh, and moving our lives back to New York.

(What? You didn't hear? We're back in New York! Evidence here and here.)

Since joining the ambassadors in December, I've been taking the words of one of my favorite fashion icons, Diana Vreeland, and morphing them into a monthly sewing challenge. It's jumpstarted my sewing more than once, in a time when inspiration can be easily engulfed by any number of world traumas. As I brush the cobwebs off this space, if you're in need of a colorful break, have a look at six months' worth of content over at Threads, as collaged above ;) If you're an Insider, the digital content is yours for the peeping--if not, the first post is free, and showcases my very favorite Vogue jacket pattern in some scrumptious yardage from the Nina Ramel Fabric Box.

I've read Threads since I taught myself to stitch over thirteen years ago, and had an out-of-body experience when I wrote my first article for the magazine in April of 2019. The pages of Threads, and Burdastyle, and the blogs of so many newbie and advanced sewists were (and are!) my teachers. I'm still surprised whenever I find myself in the role of "teacher." And, I still look to those same magazines and blogs, though my own upkeep has been spotty...

I intend ONCE AGAIN to rectify that--we're adjusting to being back in the city and getting reality set right again. I hope you & yours are staying safe, or venturing out, as this upside-down world permits!


  1. You are a continual inspiration and joy to the world. Good job

  2. Oona, oh Oona,
    a strand in the Threads,
    your essence now woven,
    from penthouse to sheds.

    You've spun a yarn,
    your story endears.
    Husband fun-n-frolic,
    goes on for years.

    Now the makings,
    at all hours (day or night),
    are showcased and broadcast,
    to rabid fan's delight.

    So right our world,
    with your whimsy and such,
    back street or Broadway,
    inventive be your touch.

    1. I was honestly hoping for a poem...this might be one of my favorites, as it has all my favorite things💗

  3. I am glad you are a Threads Digital Ambassador, Marcy. I have had a subscription to "Threads Magazine" since the first issue and I still have them all. Yes, I have the disc editions, but there is something comforting about holding that magazine.

    1. I agree, I love to hold a magazine! There's something about sitting down with a new issue by a low lamp.

  4. Congrats on the gig! And you're a great teacher, you've grown as a sewist and developed an amazing style. Glad you're home safe and sound!

  5. So....I happen to do a search of movies I have not seen and low and behold, but I spied Men In Black International. As I am a fanatical fan I immediately started watching. And the VERY BEST PART?!? YOU!!! You were in this movie and never told me. Absolutely thrilled I could say I know her. Well,...not really, but yes, really I know you. Totally awesome. Oh, and congrats on the Threads gig. Following your blog and you tube I know you will give us all wonderful tips and insight. Karen in Illinois

  6. I'VE.... MISSED.... YOU.... ON.... YOUR.... BLOG....!!!!! I love your style and your realistic, fun chatter!


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