The Handmade Harriells

As I was lamenting for the seventeenth? Seventieth? Uncountable-eth time about the slipping away of hours and months and days, a wise friend said to me: Time is an accordion.

Ain’t it the truth! I yelped back. TIME IS AN ACCORDION AND LIFE IS A GAME OF JENGA.

And we all know I'm not talking 'bout a breezy cocktail hour game of Jenga either.

It’s been a year since we started creating technicolor content for the channel, and in that year, The Handmade Harriells have gained 33,500 friends. HI FRIENDS. Are you one of them? If you’re not, and you’re wondering where we went, well, it’s been a handful being the actor/writer/editor/sound engineer/art director/best boy/pa/grip/wardrobe supervisor (see: lament). I didn’t even holler about my birthday over here!

But I did over there. So come on over and see us. 

The latest video up is all about pattern hacking, and yeah I call it hacking. A lot. 

If you like your content written, lament not, I like words, even words used improperly like hacking, and I have purchased a whiteboard calendar to try and get a circle of life thing going on with all this content. It’s got a lovely space for the blog. My plan is to get full shots of the hacked dress up in this lonely space...and maybe I can talk Rob into wearing his handmade, matching wax print pants. OH YEAH I SAID MATCHING PANTS! I'm finding I can talk Rob into all manner of adventures for the channel! Even if you aren't a video person, I highly suggest peeping evidence of matching outfits at the end

How bout y’all? Finding any game metaphors in life now? Chutes and Ladders? Jumanji? Hopefully not Sorry. I think we all need a break in Candyland. Meet you there at six.


  1. Not related at all, but I saw you in MIB International on Netflix yesterday night and I was going up and down saying, I know her! I know her! although you and I never met, but I feel like part of the family!
    Just here to say hi! :)

    1. I screamed "OMG I KNOW HER" in the movie theatre when I saw her in this!!! Totally embarrassed my daughter but OH WELL.

    2. Me too...Bing watching NCIS on Netflix

    3. I did that when I saw Marcy in a commercial! I think it was Dunkin's, but it could have been Subway. I'm old, & a knitter, so I'm really well trained to ignore commercials. But "That's Marcy! She makes amazing dresses!" Still came out of my mouth :-D

    4. Ah seriously, thanks y’all! One of my favorite things is hearing about sewists screaming at the tv if they catch me! (Or the theater. That’s commitment, Raesha! My apologies to your daughter 😂)

      Laurinda, it was subway (but it could’ve been Dunkin if we’re talking past)—and if it was liberty mutual I was actually wearing a dress I made. Sometimes we get to wear our own clothing in commercials 😉

      trena, all us sewists are family!

  2. Oh my! Wax print pants?!!! Wow!

    I have to admit I have fallen in love with wax print. Just completed another dress using wax print and I can't stay off Etsy.

    1. Lynn, didn’t you introduce me to House of Mami Wata? I’m getting deja vu…have I asked you this before? 😵‍💫

  3. I did the "I know her" at the Subway commercial, too. "She sews!" The hubs said, "Most people recognize politicians or something but you recognize people who sew." Yes, yes I do.


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