i was featured!

i came home from work today to two lovely etsy emails. one sold belt, one wished design, both stemming from a feature on etsy's blog! roxietoxl got herself into etsy's "off the beaten path" spotlight post. HA! i have wanted to be in this section since i opened up last thanksgiving! the curator, emily, features everything from dioramas of dinosaurs wreaking havoc to lovebirds nesting on your head. she finds the wildest stuff and i'm so thrilled to be a part of it.

another thing that thrills me is looking at my sold items. please to have a bratty moment? 'k thnx.

these are a few of my sold items (there's a whole 'nother page. i only went half-brat on you). sometimes i sneak a click on these just to make myself giddy. the top left hand corner was the featured design, soon to be whisked away to its new owner. and now that i look at it... the bottom right hand corner was a top ten pick of the charming, wise and ever-so-gentlemanly fellow blogger , gedwoods of burdastyle.

TOOT TOOOOOOT! i am such a brat.


  1. That's so awesome! You = the coolest.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaargh! That's so great!!!! Kvell away!!!

  3. thankya thankya ladies! i'm still jumping up and down.

  4. No wonder you're jumping. I'd be jumping AND rubbing my hands! :D

  5. Um... I actually AM rubbing my hands. So imagine how much rubbing of hands would take place if I were in your place!

  6. thank you becky & hana! i'm giggling (somewhat wickedly, and definitely brattily) about you sharing my glee, hana :)


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