still scared!

house: clean.
taxes: waiting.
time: to procrastinate.

remember that gala evening gown request? that's what i'm tackling today, instead of doing my taxes. it's based off of this shirt...dress...tank...wrap....

YES, all the edges are raw, and NO, i don't care!

i don't really know what to call it. like the poorly shot blue wrap dress, this is patternless and pieced together from many large silk squares and rectangles cut on the bias. i love to sew like this, but it REALLY makes me miss my dressform. i didn't know what to do with it when it was in my hands. now it's 3,000 miles away, and i pine for it like a country singer in a dive bar.

i think the credit for this one goes to roxie. i got the bright idea to use a leather closure for myself instead of the etsy shop. it felt very sneaky for some reason, like i was stealing from the cookie jar.

i think my problem with patterns (well, one of my problems with patterns) is that i want to topstitch. everything. and the garment slowly becomes a mutant creature made of thread that walks away on its own. with this piece, i topstitched in lavender till my face turned blue, grinning all the way.

well, i'm grinning on the inside here. 

egads! ye olde laptop is now running on reserve battery power, which means my procrastinating time is over... one last shot and i'm out...

wishing you a happy monday and completed taxes!


  1. This is stunning! I absolutely adore it! I'm so jealous that you can take scraps and make them into something that is so artful! Really. It's gorgeous! Happy Monday!

  2. Gorgeous! You wear it well. It's sort of industrial with the top-stitching, but still so organic and feminine looking. Just stunning.

  3. Gorgeous. Like a deconstructed Grecian goddess. Rock on with all the topstitching too! And ugh, on the taxes front. That was my Saturday afternoon :)

  4. three gorgeous-s! thanks ladies, you rock! i did wonder whether this was in reality a hot mess :)

  5. ooh, wowowowowow! you lok fabulous. and how much more fun than completing taxes... oh golly, I really should do mine, from, um, last year...arg!

  6. I love this top. And your blog. Wish I had your figure to dress but will have to make do with my middle aged one.

  7. I LOVE what youve done here and it inspires me so much! Thanks to you Im looking at my scrap collection in a new way. Ive already got what I need for the belt buckle! Cant thank you enough. Robin in NC, owner of Lavoie Boho - bohemian upcycled ladieswear.


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