a teeny tiny update

from a teeny tiny dress form:

a size 6, to be exact... and the gal it's destined for is even teenier.

i am crazy lucky to have in my arsenal of friends a lady who is A. amazing B. mad skilled and C. AMAZING. oh yeah, and she lets me work on her dress form and gives me all sorts of knowledge and helps me see the next step and boosts my ego and makes me feel like a million sewing bucks. 

this dress was going to have a wrap around tie belt, like this crazy top, but in one fitting session with Amazing Lady (her superhero title), wrap belt was banished, zipper was seized, boning was introduced, and it was revealed that by some stroke of magic i had managed to get the bust points right. 

(that is, i think they're called bust points. i will have to ask Amazing Lady.)


  1. THIS IS FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! Seriously, I could not be more impressed. Your friend is gonna look gorgeous.

    My dress form is one size smaller than myself. I keep thinking that if I can keep up the 3-times-a-week gym thing and actually stick to healthy eating, I will be that size. But it hasn't happened. In like, 2 years.

  2. That top looks like it's going to be seriously amazing when it's done.

  3. thanks ladies!

    & emilykate, that is EXACTLY what i'm going through. do i buy it a size smaller??? do i have the necessary level of commitment? doubtful...

  4. I found your blog via marmota's corner. I'm impressed by what I see here. The dress looks like it will be beautiful!

    BTW... has the new camera worked out for you? :P

  5. thank you rachael!

    you will not be impressed, however, by the fact that i totally slacked on a new camera. the idea of research, impossible for me to do without when buying electrical equipment, eventually felled me.

  6. If you want suggestions, I can sure offer some (as in suggestions of what you might want in a camera).

    I watched two youtube videos about duck tape dress forms. Those are so stinking cool, I might have to make one just to have it, even though I don't sew clothes all that much.


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