i read, somewhere in blogland, about a tradition of writing down memories/things that happened in the past year---stuff that you're ready to be done with---and then, SETTING THEM ON FIRE. burn 'em up baby!!! at some point during the day, that is SO happening at the balloona household. to be followed by a happy shouting about everything we are enormously lucky to have in our lives.

probably while drinking some alky-hol.

don't forget, clock is ticking on my little giveaway! and oh, your advice on my white elephant is AWESOME! so far i think a mix of dye job/jumpsuit is the frontrunner. thank you so very much, lovely peeps, for coming by and sharing your thoughts with me. the happiest of new beginnings, everyone!


  1. Hey I like that pic, wonder where it can be?
    Just found out our town does something similar, we have a big old bonfire every year on New Year's Eve--they pass out paper and pencils to write down stuff you'd rather forget, then burn everything up. It's held outside of some historic house. Kind of dangerous for the historic house I would think. Like the idea of burning up the bad stuff from 2010 though.

  2. that's in chelsea market, you'd love it.

    burning just 5 pieces of paper turned out to be fairly dangerous. i can't imagine doing it as a bonfire in front of old wood!


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