a lacey holiday prize for you.....

oona: hey ruggy! whaddaya think?

ruggy: it's very black...

... and sort of... puritanical...

... and not at all really the kind of thing you wear...

oona:  I  KNOW!!!

okay peeps, this one's for you! for my second ever blog giveaway, i'd like to present one fabulous gal or guy with this teeny black puritanical cape. it's made of rows and rows of soft ruffled and pleated lace, completed with a vintage jewelry closure. it's one of my modcloth handmade contest entries (once again i have burdastyle to thank for kicking my ass into sewing gear, all hail burdastyle, et spiritus santi), and it was inspired by this dress. it fits, oh say, up to a 14" neck (my neck is 12"). EDIT: i will happily size this up or down for the winner. else, what kind of santa would i be?

while i stay away from black like the plague, i gather it's an oft rocked color choice of many. i think it would look awesome with the inspiration dress, natch, but how about with jeans, tank top and blazer for a laid back new years?

to win, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you'll do with your teeny cape. will you rock it with a ballgown? give it to your best friend? use it as a fancy collar for a four legged friend? for an extra chance to win, follow my blog, the gadgetmajig is over on the sidebar... peeps who already follow are thanked, hugged, and get their extra entry.

you can enter anytime between now and midnight christmas eve. the winner will be picked christmas morning, saturday december 25. and wherever you are in the world, it doesn't matter. YAY! i hope you like it enough to enter!

EDIT: giveaway extended, see the new rules & comment to enter at this post by january tenth! 


  1. I don't want to enter because I have a neck like a linebacker, but I just wanted to say Merry Merry!

  2. my answer comes in three parts:

    1: i've seen your neck, it's gorgeous. 2: i will totally size it for you if you wanna enter, after all, you may be the only entry, and 3: HO HO HO!

  3. And now I am a follower, too. I didn't realize I was not signed in for the last comment (shakes tiny fist at universe).

  4. Happy for Holidays! I LOVE when you comment on my blog, you always make me happy!

    LOVE all your new creations OMG! xoxo

  5. Oh came to wish you the best for this Xmas time... and just saw this!!!! Oh I wish I would have seen it before... it´s gorgeous!!!! :)

  6. hello magpie and welcome!! so, my ladies magpie, tamara, veronica and cara, did you mean to enter? make me laugh here:


    so i know for sure!


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