the shirt that was a skirt that didn't compete

long ago and far away, i had aspirations to enter the burdastyle/project runway remake challenge. i grabbed my old beloved anthropologie silk skirt, which had been sitting in my closet for years, unworn but loved. it had grown too tight.

(everyone knows clothing grows, not your body).

i wouldn't have touched it if not for the contest. however, quite stupidly, i forgot to take the "before" shot of the skirt.



so, now i have a new shirt. cody seems to like it, and it gets a LOT more wear than the skirt did. the entries for this contest were fabulous-- some of my faves were in the winners' circle, and although i don't think i would've gotten very far it would have been nice to, you know, say i'm gonna do something and see it through.

←but i did see this one through... and i made it to the top 50! YAHOO!!! it's stiff competition, but i'm pretty thrilled to be in the finalists.

okay, screw that, yes it's an honor, but REALLY what i want is that bernina. oh, computamarized machine of my dreams, please come and sit on my desk.  i mean, if i won money, that would be awesome, but i would keep it in a drawer and obsess over which bernina to put it towards.

go check out the top 50... and maybe throw a vote my way if you likey :). i'm number 32!

which is roughly the size of my waist after my skirt went on its shrinking binge.

(edit: you can vote for as many peeps as you like.)


  1. Congrats! That is super exciting.

  2. Also, my friend Emily is 31. How cool to see two familiar faces in the finalists!

  3. hey cool! i love her polka dots & cute dress, i voted for her too. i voted for like 7 people... including myself... is that wrong?

  4. Heehee, that is something I would forget to do, too. Your shirt looks great!
    I'm sooooo jealous of folks who live in countries that have Anthro... I just have to content myself with drooling over the website.

  5. I voted for you Oonaballoona, I love that purple dress. I'm just a beginner at sewing but hope to make something I could wear one day.

  6. thank you sewsewlittle! i hope to see you sewing lots soon. i was a beginner 4 years ago (and still am most times) so just keep making stuff!

  7. i am in awe of your Rococo Rain dress. so inspiring!!!


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