my blue heaven

would you like to see what i did with this very awesome maxi dress that ruggy saved from his mom's bye-bye closet? OKAY! 

here's the story. ruggy knew i would love it the minute he saw it, and as always ruggy was right. i adored this dress for many summer days. then, on my last birthday, right after my wee trip to the hospital, i suddenly wanted to perform a little surgery of my own.  morph it into something with a waistline. hospital jaunts make you appreciate the things you have, and i was ready to show off my waist rather than freak out about the  daily ups and downs of my tape measure. 

balloonian mom: you may want to look away, i know how much you loved this dress. ruggian mom: i hope you don't mind the scissor job coming.

i wore it during my three day birthday-cation this past august. it amazes me that i always manage to miss posting about my birthday, snotty little princess that i am. ruggy spoiled me all over the place.


look mas', i haz a waist! in a sunny afternoon of cutting and eating bonbons (like you do on a three day birthday-cation) i went from a tie-top sheath maxi dress to a fifties inspired knee length with an invisible zip. i only wish i'd had a crinolin to wear with it. couldn't repeat it if i tried, i did it in a haze of birthday happiness. it's a 2010 memory i am definitely happy to keep.

what about you? any '10 memories you are happy to keep?

ps: six days left for the giveaway!


  1. Your dress is great before and after! Fabulous redo!

  2. Wow! Totally gorgeous! And a perfect 50's silhouette!! It would look so sweet with a yellow crinolin under it :)

    Nice work sister! x

  3. Amazing job! I love the fabric so much.
    I just got back from MY birthday/new years vacation and that is definitely my top memory for '10.

  4. I love it! I can see on your face how happy and pretty it makes you feel. Can't beat that in a dress!

  5. That's such a pretty dress! Agree with the other comments: you look marvelous.

  6. umm, where the F do my replies keep going?! blogger is eating them!

    miss claire: i am now obsessed with finding a yellow crinolin.

    emily kate: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! what a great way to end the year...

    muchadored: and i'm grinning even more since i still fit in it :)

    sadako: hey girl, thankya!

  7. Wow, this is beautiful! Amazing job!

  8. Hi,
    Great blog and dress! And thanks for your kind comment :)

  9. Lovely! Actually, I like it both before and after in this case!

  10. thanks ladies! and julie, you're very welcome :)

  11. Such an awesomely awesome dress!


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