tea and suspicious activity

some lovely ladies arrived last weekend, bearing thanks from a blogger friend.

i asked the eldest, mona, where they might like to live. she said they are the bookish sort, and would i mind if they hung around my shelves? not in the least, i replied.  she thanked me and offered me tea.

some of her friends are pretty shy, i haven't heard a peep from this one yet.  she sweetly sipped some jasmine tea, which is fairly mysterious in itself.  i expect she thinks she's hidden by all that red.

lila likes her tea black, no sugar-- but she took me up on my offer of a little irish cream. hollow leg, that one. she bounded up onto this weighty shelf.  she'll probably plow through these in one sitting.

and jezzie of the pink hair positively guzzled her oolong.  she doesn't look like it, but she was the most talkative of the bunch once she got going. i don't know what she's hiding in that little black case, but i think it's a clarinet.

i told them i had seen them before, while visiting cara carmina's blog, and was immediately reminded of the capelet giveaway i was throwing on my blog. i really thought it went with their outfits! lila tried it on (it looked great on her) but i confessed i thought it suited cara's style the best. but there were a lot of entries.  mona said not to worry, it would end up with the right person, and lila sneaked some more irish cream.

and now you know why i couldn't believe my eyes and called a do-over! 

(come to think about it, the shy one looked suspicious. i think i'm going to have to watch her.)


  1. Clever Oona. I have a sore neck tilting my head sideways to read your book titles :) I see you arrange your books by color too--
    (the ladies personalities seem to fit them quite well)

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this post!!!!!! I´m happy the lovely ladies live now among your books and they have new names and loooove!!!!


    thanks so much my dear friend for being a good blogger friend!!!! :)

  3. eg, yeah, i saw this craze going on a few years ago and ever since then i've wanted to color coordinate our books... i thought it would be a little too ocd but i LOVE it! did you clock frankenstein?

    cara, i am so glad you like their new home!

    nette, thank you :). the ladies are flattered (altho lila muttered something about being sexy and NOT cute.)

  4. Ah, colour-coordinated books. It looks good, but it only works if you have The Chronicles of Narnia all in one volume, which I don't. :-)

  5. Your bookshelf has about nine books Simon is always telling me I should have read by now. I'm going plant my face in Kavalier and Clay and when he asks what finally made me pick it up I'm going to say I saw it on Oona's blog and watch him turn purple.
    Hey do you want to do like a crafty swap or something? Your posting the pics of the dress the other day and how well it turned out made me think I should ask if you's like to do some other kind of crafty exchange!

  6. hana: yeah, ruggy found that for me, i think... i'm on the last narnia book. i love this volume!

    emilykate: well, he may turn violet when he hears i haven't read it either. i had the best intentions. ruggy loved it. and i would LOVE to swap with you!

  7. you have the mabel stark book! one of my favourite reads of all times. she became my heroine 20 pages into the story.

  8. I know this is sort of stalkery (being sooo long after you posted this {I'm secretly reading your archives}) but that is the best edition of the complete Chronicles of Narnia. My father bought it for me when I was thirteen, and I have loved it ever since.


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